The Dog Days of Summer and Your Lawn

About the time in the year when a 5 minute walk with the dog causes his tongue to hit the floor and 30 minutes of panting, you can count on many lawns turning the color of your golden lab.

When temperatures rise above 90 degrees grass will go dormant. During times of extreme heat it will require greater amounts of water to keep your lawn green. If you have watered your lawn properly to this point you will be able to keep it green without adding much water. Increase your watering to 1.5 inches every 6-7 days instead of 1.5 inches every 7-10 days. Use the chart below as a guide to great water conservation practices. If you are currently watering your lawn more that is prescribed start inserting 1-2 days without water into your maintenance schedule at 2 week intervals until you arrive at the level prescribed in the chart. Deeper, less frequent watering is better for your lawn and the environment. If you have a rhizomateous lawn, like bluegrass, it is acceptable, even preferable to stop watering and let the lawn brown until the temperatures permit normal growth. To do this, allow 1 or 2 extra days between watering but continue to water deeply (1 to 1.5 inches each watering). This will promote a healthier lawn because it will cause the grass roots to dig deeper for water and nutrients and it will train your lawn to require less water when temperatures are more moderate.

So go for a walk in the evening and give your dog more water to help him recover, but don’t do the same for your lawn.

North/Central Utah

April No
irrigation recommended, unless needed under extremely dry periods
May 1
1/2 inches every 10-14 days
June 1
1/2 inches every 7-10 days
July 1
1/2 inches every 6-7 days
August 1
1/2 inches every 7-10 days
September 1
1/2 inches every 10-1`4 days
October A good
soaking to a depth of six to eight inches around the middle of the month
November No
irrigation recommended unless unusually warm and lawn shows signs of

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