The Great Outdoors: Finding the Perfect Fishing Hole

Drew Cushing from the Department of Wildlife Resources


With gas prices hovering around $3.00 per gallon taking to the great outdoors in far away locations can get pricey.

But chances are pretty good that there is a hidden treasure not far from your home, where you can get away without going to far out of your way.

Currently there are 42 community fishing ponds located in urban areas across the state.

These fishing ponds give both young and old alike a place to go to enjoy the great outdoors.

As Fishing continues to increase in popularity, People are taking to these waterways more than ever.

Each year in early spring the Division of Wildlife Resources begins stocking these ponds with fish. They continue to feed fish into these waterways throughout the summer and fall. By the end of this season well over 200,000 fish will have been introduced into these ponds.

Because these ponds are so accessible, they provide people with a chance to get outdoors and enjoy the beauties of nature without going great distances from their homes.

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