Tricks to Training Your Pet

Anthony deGreef from Anthony’s Pets uses a unique approach to helping all animals be better behaved.


Is your dog out of control? We can help. At Anthony’s Pets we see all kinds of behavior problems. From jumping on people and licking people to people being dragged down the street by their dog. These are common issues and problems that we deal with every day.

Our approach is fairly simple. We believe that you must have a relationship with your dog based on trust and discipline. Being intentional in our praise, discipline, and body language helps your dog understand you. It also leaves no question about who is in charge. It’s this situation of doubt and inconsistency that makes our furry friends lose faith in our ability to lead them, and thus creates a breeding ground for behavior issues. (i.e.: chewing on your favorite shoes) We must re-establish a pack, and order of rank, and be consistent in living it out. This means we only praise at the right times, not because they are cute. And we also discipline at the right time, not because we are angry.

This is a fine theory, but what if you don’t know how to speak dog? What is the right and wrong way to praise, Or to discipline? Dogs don’t speak English, Spanish, French or otherwise. So we must speak their language. Learning to communicate with your dog is an exciting learning experience. When you see them begin to understand and respond in the way you want, it is amazing. This is our specialty. Over the years we have learned to communicate with them quite well, and are able to pass that knowledge on to our customers.

This approach is very effective, however, requires a lot of time and effort. This is why we offer our “Who’s Training Who”, in-kennel training program. This is a guaranteed basic obedience program for those that just don’t have the time to be consistent with their dogs. Your dog comes to live with us for 3-5 weeks and goes through a sort of ‘boot camp’. We are able to give the consistency and relationship they need, and when they go home, they are a new dog. Along the way, while they learn, you will come see us and your dog once a week to monitor their progress and to learn how to maintain what they learn. And of course, you are always welcome to visit!

It doesn’t stop there. Once home, we will follow up in your home to make sure what they learn, they practice. This helps you become intentional about your dog, and allows you to invest yourself into your dogs’ life.

For those who can take the time, but need some direction, we do hourly private appointments with you and your dog. This is a good option for those who are determined to train their dog themselves. Most issues can be addressed in these sessions, and homework is given to the owner. But some issues require the dog be removed from the situation, and in-kennel training becomes the best option.

For more information on training method and pricing, please call or visit our website.

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