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The Holiday Hot Chocolate Bon Bon Bar

Hot chocolate and holiday sweets are a match made in heaven.

You haven’t been to a hot chocolate party like this one. It will enchant your guests and make a buzzy conversation station.

Studio 5 foods guest Amy Richardson introduces the Holiday Hot Chocolate Bon Bon Bar.

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Holiday Hot Chocolate Bon Bon Bar Menu

Hot Milk Steamers

Vanilla Milk Steamer

White Chocolate Milk Steamer

Caramel Milk Steamer

Almond Milk Steamer


Chocolate Bon Bon Selection

Deavas Hot Chocolate Drops or

Trader Joe’s Dark Hot Chocolate Sticks


Lindt Assorted Truffles


Winter White

Peppermint Cookie

Extra Dark






Tiny Truffles


Ghirardelli Squares

White Chocolate Sugar Cookie

Peppermint Bark Squares

Peppermint Meringues

Pastel Meltaway Mints

Whipped Cream


Product info

Sumerflos 68 Oz Stainless Steel Coffee Thermal Carafe / Double Walled Vacuum Thermos Insulated / 12 Hour Heat Retention / 2 Liters (Pink)

Deavas Chocolate Drops Available at Costco

Amy Richardson is a longtime food and party contributor for KSL’s Studio 5. She is a self-taught home cook, recipe innovator, food stylist and food photographer. She shares her enthusiasm and creativity by bringing together beautiful food and family, to make wonderful memories!

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