The Magic of The Princess Festival

Holly Sue Hatfield explains what the festival is all about.

Princess Festival Events

Princess Ilasa’s Tea Party:

Your little princess has the opportunity to come to a special Tea Party where she will meet Princess Ilissa and live out the
story “Princess Ilissa’s Idea.” Those who attend the Tea

Party will receive $5 off their registration to the Princess Festival.

June 9-12

Armstrong Manor in Salt Lake City

$15 per girl

Princess Festival:

This is a full-day event that includes a guided adventure to save your favorite fairy-tale Princesses from mishap. Come help Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and many more as they face the trials of the Four Season Witches. Your little Princesses may well help the Witches see the folly of their ways and return to a life of service, kindness and love. All who attend a full Princess Festival session receive a complimentary copy of “Princess Ilissa’s Idea” – but only after completing a special treasure hunt! There are also other characters to have fun with: The Mad Hatter and Alice will be holding a Tea Party, Peter Pan will be practicing flying, and you can meet two of the six Princesses from the Princess Festival game.

June 14-16

Hatfieldadelphia in Lindon

$30 per girl

The Kings Grand Daddy-Daughter Ball

No festival is complete without a ball, and the King’s Grand Ball is a special opportunity for your little princess to have a special dance with a most special prince: her daddy, grandpa, uncle … or whomever she adores! The Grand Ball is an evening of entertainment, dancing and special Princess treats, bringing new life to the adventure for your little princess.

June 19 and 26

Hatefieldadelphia in Lindon

$50 For one daddy and one daughter, $25 per additional daughter (up to four)

The Princess Festival has been held annually since 2008. The proceeds from the festival go to the charity, “In Our Own Quiet Way,” an effort that is dedicated to helping people in Kenya. In 2010, Quiet Way is finishing the construction of an orphan feeding center; providing scholarships to orphaned students; and building dams throughout Kenya as a permanent solution to drought problems. The Princess Festival is an opportunity to be a part of a real-life fairy tale, changing the lives of those who have been waiting for a hero to step in and give a helping hand.

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