The Male Make-up Movement

Ashley Kewish reports on this growing trend.

Celebs like Russell Brand, Jared Leto and Benji and Joel madden all fess up to going glam off-screen, so we wanted to know if the everyday man ever goes for a little concealer cover-up? Consultants at Sephora in Fashion Place Mall say plenty of men come in, some a little shy, but most wanting a little face pick-me-up.

Zack Smith, says “we’re getting a lot of guys who are just looking to cover-up a little bit. Whether it’s a spot treatment issue that they want to blend and get a more even coverage or it’s those late nights.”

Cosmetic power house Clinique carries concealer and bronzer just for men and the Jean Paul Gaultier website offers tutorials to go along with their popular men’s make-up line.

Smith adds, “You want to have a really natural look. You want to look natural. You don’t want to feel like you’ve got it on your face. Concealers and tinted moisturizers are something that a lot of guys are jumping on because they feel comfortable.”

So how can you get your guy to “go for it?” Studio 5 Beauty and Style Contributor Holly Stone shares a few tips:

Men and make-up. The 2 words seem to clash. But since the face is part ofyour image,and it can’t be stressed enough that image is a powerful form of non-verbal communication, a healthy complexion is an important element. From a board room to a salescall to an appointment with a bank for a loan, a captive audience and a confident you are a must. To insure that the showis not stolen by a problematic blemish, oily skin or unsightly hair, here are some simplethings to consider:

1) Women Primp, Men Groom
To make a good first impression, take the time to groom. Skin care, hair removal and the final touches are all a part of grooming. Paying attention to small details will save you HUGE embarrassment. You don’t want to be remembered as “that executive with the talking pimple, or that salesman with that one, wild hair”.

Tip: Immediately noticed and an enormous distraction is untrimmed ear or nose hair. Keep it out of sight so the focus is on you, not your nose or ears.
Product:World’s Smallest Grooming Scissors Facial Hair Trimmer, $24.99, Smaller than a pair of nail clippers and a light as a paper clip, these precise and sharp scissors make grooming a snap!

2) His Skin Care
Several product lines are popping up with products specific for men. From packaging to fragrance, these products not only target a man’s skin but ALSO a man’s psychology. While he truly can use any skin care line, a man’s skin is different. Higher levels of Testosterone make a man’s skin thicker. This thicker skin has active glands which produce more oil. And sprouting out facial hair means generally larger pores. Practicing good skin care habits are at the core of a nice complexion.
Tip: The most important skin care steps are 1-Cleanse 2-Exfoliate 3-Moisturize

   • Nivea for Men Energizing Face Scrub, $4.19, Wal-Mart

   • Nivea for Men Face Care Revitalizing Lotion Q10, $6.99,       Wal-Mart

3) Ooooh, Shiny Object!
Exactly. Shine stands out. And men produce more oil on their complexions. If your skin produces a lot of oil, the shine could be taking center stage.
Tip: Reduce the appearance of a shiny forehead or T-zone. Control the shine.
Product: MAC Matte, $18, Nordstrom. This gel adds a sheer, no-shine matte texture in one quick application.

4) Blemish Be Gone
It never fails. The night before a presentation, a planet appears on your forehead and before you know it, it has its own revolving galaxy. Unsightly blemishes by volume, color or size have the power to re-direct focus.

Tip: At the first sign of a blemish, take action to prevent an outbreak.
Product:Neutrogena for Men Acne Treatment and Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel, $7.99, Walgreens. Apply to affected area for relief from redness and swelling.

5) Call it Camouflage
Concealer. Yes it is make-up but this product is a great companion. It will mask anything that may take the attention away from your flawless image. More and more men are using this product to their advantage. Go ahead, dare to try it.
Tip: Apply concealer anywhere the skin appears uneven, or over blemishes to minimize redness.
Product: Menaji Camo Concealer, $20, Looks like a tube of Chap Stick so can be used discretely for full coverage.

You can find cosmetics for men at the following websites:

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