Style File: Leggings and Legwear

Studio 5 Fashion Contributor ShaLyse Walker breaks down the trends and how to wear them!

Call it a blast from the past, but leggings are making a comeback in a huge way. However, don’t run yet—it’s not just high school girls who can rock the trend. Leggings and imaginative hosiery can add a little flair to any girl’s outfit—whether she’s sixteen or sixty. A fun printed tight can take an outfit from drab to fab and serve as the best accessory to an otherwise simple look. Whether tucked into a boot or worn with a ballet flat, leggings streamline the silhouette of a chunky sweater, cardigan, tunic, or dress while providing comfort at the same time. There’s only one rule to rocking a legging: make sure that your top covers your backside—while leggings and tights do provide coverage, they are not pants! With that said, have no fear, creative and chic legwear is here!

Corduroy Leggings:

Corduroy leggings add sleek, classy sophistication to any sweater, cardigan, or blazer. Perfect tucked into a riding boot or worn with a ballet flat, the thick, interesting texture of this look makes you feel like you’re headed to a polo match or getting ready to curl up in an Aspen ski lodge. It’s leggings … the grown up way.

ShaLyse Loves: Hue Cord Leggings $34, Macy’s

Back Seam and Printed Tights:

While opaque tights are still in, the great news is that sheer hose are also trending this season; however, it’s sheer with a twist. Think nude nylons with a dainty black bow pattern running up the back of the leg, or how about wearing the classic black back seam nylon from a bygone era? You can look like a lady and throw in a little sass with unexpected back seams.

ShaLyse Loves: Nordstrom Texture $18, Nordstrom

Boot Socks:

The knee sock is back…sort of. Wear a chunky, knit knee-high sock under your boots, and you’ll look fabulous, while keeping warm. Wear this look with sleek, skinny jeans, layered over opaque tights, or with bare legs and a skirt. This knee-high sock adds interest and spice to your everyday boot while creating a layered, thought-out, funky look.

ShaLyse Loves: Merona Boot Socks $5, Target

Colored Tights:

This look may seem daunting, but anyone with a daring and free spirit can do it! To pull off the look, make sure the dress you wear with your colored opaque tights has a little fleck of the nylon color in it, or contrast a dark-colored dress with a complementary-colored tight. For example, wear yellow tights with a navy or black and white dress for a pop of youthful color. Pair a rich, jewel-toned, purple tight with a ivory holiday dress. No matter what, you’ll look fearless and fashionable.

ShaLyse Loves: Hue Opaque Tights, $12.50, Anthropologie

Denim Leggings:

Legging jeans?! Jean leggings?! This look is a dream-come-true for every style maven who likes to feel chic, sleek, and comfortable. Gap’s stirrup style may seem like a flash-back to the 80’s, but the stirrup makes for a wrinkle-free, perfectly streamlined look that even sucks you in where you need it most! No more fighting with bulky fabric when trying to tuck them into boots. No more bunching at the ankle. No having to pay a seamstress to hem them for length. They’re perfect in every way, not to mention the fact that they come in a nice, flattering dark wash.

ShaLyse Loves: Jean Stirrup Leggings, $69.50, GAP

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