The Mom Workout

Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to give up on having a nice figure.
Whether you’re changing diapers or sending your kid off to college- staying
fit is a key having a happy healthy life. Personal trainer Jeni Nielsen shows us
no matter where you are in life, there is a workout for you… For some it
might be working the booty back into shape and for others it might be just to
maintain a healthy weight.

Mom Workout #1

The new mom. She wants to get her abs and buns back in shape.

· Compound crunch

· Side Crunch

· Lunges

Mom Workout #2

The mom with younger kids. She wants to keep her arms toned and maintain
a healthy body weight.

· Walking push ups (triceps and chest)

· Plank jacks

· Bicep curls (with resistance tube)

Mom Workout #3

Mom with older kids, or an empty nester. This mom needs to focus on
strengthening her legs and setting fitness goals like running a 5k this

· Pulse squats

· Plyo jacks

· Side lunges

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