The Right Hairbrush

Dani Zaugg from Salon Tantrum helps us brush up on the basics.

Round Brushes

Round brushes give volume by creating rounded shapes in the hair. Use a smaller diameter round brush for a tighter curl. A larger diameter creates a more voluminous wave and body.

Round brushes come in a Ceramic/metal style or Boar Bristle. The technique for using them is the same. But there can be a big difference in price and the final look and flow of the hair.

Boar Bristle brushes are generally the choice for most hair style professionals. The more expensive boar bristles don’t generate static electricity. They maintain the hair’s elasticity and they are easier to clean.

Denman Brushes

These brushes are used to help smooth out hair for more straight and natural looks. They follow the natural head shape to create the shape of the hair.

They come in two different types: 7 rows or 9 rows of bristles. To get the control a stylist is looking for they may choose one or the other depending on the length and density of the hair.

Paddle Brushes

A paddle brush takes the place of a vent brush. It is easy to handle, and used to create smoothness. Paddle Brushes also tend to be more delicate on the hair then other brush types.


The air flow created by the blow dryer affects the outcome of the style no matter which brush you use. Using a nozzle on a blow dryer and directing the airflow with the natural fall of the hair will create less frizzy, more smooth and shiny results.


The best way to keep your brushes clean is to manually remove any hair that the brush has collected. Simply use another brush or a comb and brush against the grain until all the hair comes out.

Wash it gently, and dry thoroughly. You may wish to spray the brush and its bristles with isopropyl alcohol. This will keep your brush fresh looking and will increase the amount of time between buying new equipment.

Brushes can be kept for a long time when they are taken care of correctly, but if you ever see a bristles falling out or burns from a flat iron, its probably a good time to purchase a new one.

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