The Swanky Isis: Practical Layering for Kids

Natalie Lawrence and Laci Davis are co-founders of The Swanky Isis, a children’s fashion & trends blog. They share six great tips for practical layering.

The Swanky Isis has come up with six layering concepts, which are both comfortable and affordable. As always, we’ve mixed it up for parents to send kids off to school with warm ideas that won’t be left behind in the hall or in the back of the school bus. These will stay on your child because they are stylin’ AND cozy.

If it feels like something you wouldn’t want to wear, neither will your kids.
Try the Lands’ End line now available at Sears. ( Fleece hoodies ($19.50) and faux wool skirts (really cotton!) will look great and keep her warm. Lands’ End makes it easy to mix and match your layers with fun dye lot colors and coordinating pieces.

The Swanky Isis loves BabyLegs. ( We all know most boys like to run, jump and play, so why not allow them the flexibility in their clothing to do just that. BabyLegs, ($12) aren’t just for girls! Cool patterns are available to help him stay tough and warm.

For older boys, check out JC Penny’s ( 3-in-1 boys plaid shirts ($14.99) or find your own separates to put together. Right now the style is everything and anything, so it’s really hard to mess up. You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to mix and match.

Naartjie is among our top picks for super cute and super easy layering with separates. Naartjie ( actually makes it easy for you by creating several pieces in each dye lot grouping. Make layering for baby so crazy cute with built in tulle-lined skirt atop leggings ($21.95).

We love the Peter Pan collared shirt ($5.75) from The Childrenswear Outlet. ( Available in basic colors or dye one to add that pop of color to match one of your favorite pieces. It will transform the outfit for a dressier, richer look.

Why not add a little extra “froof” to your child’s outfit? We love layering the oh-so-popular apron with a skirt for a stand out look. Our favorite apron line: Jillie Willie ( These aprons ($29.50) are in a league of their own and will make a simple skirt look designer.

Why not pair a designer skirt with a more affordable, yet still posh look? We completed our chic look with a top and leggings from Wal-Mart ( with an added pop of color from the chic designer Catamini. We also layered headbands to pull the color scheme and overall look together. Really, would you have ever guessed the top and bottom were Wal-Mart? You know you love that.


We developed The Swanky Isis because as mothers ourselves, we feel there isn’t another concept like it; a one-stop fashion hub full of affordable and hip ideas for dressing your kid(s).

We know anyone can click on or walk into a store and be inundated with outfit ideas from each particular store. Our concept is more about mixin’ it up.

The Swanky Isis provides inspiration for crazy cool fashion, while keeping to realistic budgets and what kid’s like to wear.

“Isis” was the Egyptian goddess known as “Giver of Life”. Although we realize fashion advice will not change the world, we do believe our concept can give life to your fashion sense.

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