The TRUTH Fashion Stroll

David Neville, Marketing Coordinator for The TRUTH talks about a special event to provide awareness about tobacco.

• On September 19, 2008, local artists will hit the runway in the fifth Salt Lake City Fashion Stroll.

• The TRUTH is getting into the spirit of the event by hosting street performances at their educational booth. DJ Will Becker will spin and Transfusion Hype Dance Company will freestyle and breakdance.

• The dancers will appear on the runway in a 10 minute performance and give away tickets to their upcoming October show, We Are Every Day, to those who answer anti-tobacco trivia questions correctly.

For decades, the tobacco industry has worked to get young women hooked by presenting cigarettes as fashion accessories, rather than the deadly, wrinkle-causing cancer sticks they are.

• It has done this through advertising, product placement, and even designing cigarettes to complement the shape of the female hand.

• That’s why the TRUTH continues its sponsorship of the event.

About Fashion Stroll

The stroll has grown this year, gaining additional sponsors and recognition, including Salt Lake Magazine’s “The Best of the Beehive” award.

Nearly 190,000 Utahns continue to smoke cigarettes and more than 1,100 Utahns die annually as a result of their own smoking.

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