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The Wild Stallion

It’s the story of a young city girl who travels with her father to photograph the mysterious and wild mustangs roaming near a beautiful ranch in Utah. But when Hanna and her new friend CJ discover an evil plot by a wealthy man to poach these majestic animals, the two girls must turn for help before it’s too late.

Danielle Chuchran, who portrays Hanna’s friend CJ, guests on Studio 5.

The Wild Stallion has been rated G. The Dove Foundation, whose mission is to promote wholesome family entertainment, has rated The Wild Stallion with 4 out of 5 Doves and has contracted with HaleStone to review and showcase the movie on its upcoming inaugural TV pilot, which will air through its national cable affiliates in mid-October.

Additionally, the national Association of Parenting Publications (NAPPA) has given The Wild Stallion an Honor Award and the distinction of being recommended to parents in multiple national parenting publications.

Produced by Bryce Fillmore (Singles 2nd Ward and Miracle Dogs) and directed by Craig Clyde (Derby Stallion with Zach Efron, Family Holiday with Dave Coulier and Miracle Dogs with Josh Hutcherson), the film features an all-star cast, including Connie Sellecca, Fred Ward, Miranda Cosgrove, Robert Wagner and Paul Sorvino and is sure to please the young and young-at-heart

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