ThermaCell Pain Free RF Body Sculpting

ThermaCell Pain Free RF Body Sculpting

We’ve heard the benefits of lasers, when it comes to improving your skin.
But a new spa service actually uses radio-frequency waves to tighten and
lift. Luminous Me Day Spa is now offering ThermaCell Body Sculpting.

Monika Zairi from Luminous Me is here to tell us about ThermaCell Body

Invisible Energy, Visible Results

ThermaCell Body Sculpting: How it works

Magnets are used to create an electromagnetic field that causes heat to
slowly build up in your fat and dermal fibers like collagen and elastin. The
toxins stored in your fat cells are release and carried through your
lymphatic system where they can be eliminated from your body. Your fat
cells are able to shrink thus reducing cellulite and assisting with body
contouring. The body recognizes the increase of activity (heat) in the area
and rushes the best healing cells to rebuild the previously damaged
collagen and elastin. Stretch marks, loose skin and wrinkles receive a
natural tightening as the skin is regenerated.

What you will experience:

The treatment is pain-free! You will experience a gradual warming
sensation that will be maintained through comfortable sweeping
sensations. Afterward you may feel warmth radiating off your skin for 1-3
hours but should be comfortable enough to continue your normal routine.
Each treatment prepares the skin to receive more heat throughout the
series, as to get the deepest, longest lasting results your skin can produce.

The results:
Each person will have results as unique as they are. Here are a few results
from real people:


Luminous Me Day Spa has a special offer for Studio 5 viewers. The spa is
offering 50 percent off ThermaCell skin tightening packages (there are six
treatments in each package). The price of the packages varies with each
individual. Therefore, Luminous Me Day Spa will provide a free
consultation with a mini facial.

For more information go to:
Luminous Me Day Spa

8543 S. Redwood Rd. Suite A
West Jordan, UT 84088



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