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Love List: This slime-in-a-jar is the best way to clean your keyboard

When was the last time you stopped to clean your keyboard?

The computer is in high demand these days. Kids are using it for school, and you or your spouse might be working from home. This unconventional product is the easiest way to clean up your keyboard, so it’s making our Studio 5 Love List.

The Colorcoral Universal Dust Cleaner gets in between all those keys to get dust, crumbs, lint, you name it, out of your keyboard. It’s basically slime, so your kids might even ask to do the chore for you!

Grab it here for $7.99.

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  • I love that it is basically a toy, my son would be banging that thing on our PC keyboard, I can imagine it right now! Question though, how do you clean it? Does it only need a simple rinse?