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Throw out the Windex?! Here’s what a pro window washer uses instead…

You’ll be a pro window washer in no time with these tricks of the trade.

That blue bottle you keep under your sink? Get rid of it! Professional window cleaners don’t use Windex, so why should we? This special blend will give your window the crystal clear shine you’re looking for.

Josh Shaw, with Sparkly Clean Windows, shares the recipe for his window cleaning solution. He shares what tools to get, and how to use them for the cleanest windows you’ve ever seen.

Pro Tips for Clean Windows


Make yourself a simple cleaning solution

No more blue spray. A homemade cleaning solution will leave fewer streaks and give you lasting results.


Use extra-fine steel wool to tackle the tough spots

Get 0000 Ultra fine steel wool or Bronze wool. It’s safe on windows and can help to remove water spots, bugs, or stuck on dirt.


Invest in a good squeegee

Use a squeegee rather than paper towel to prevent streaks. Josh recommends the Unger brand.


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