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2 Ways to Tie Hoodie Strings That Will Up Your Cozy Fashion Game

Use these simple techniques to tie hoodie strings.

Fall might not be here just yet, but we all know you’ve snagged a couple of cozy hoodies during your back-to-school shopping spree.

Style Editor Daylan Dove shares how to go beyond the standard hoodie and have some fun with your fashion!


2 Ways to Tie Hoodie Strings

The Braided Technique

First up, let’s talk about the braided technique. Yes, it’s as easy as braiding hair. Take three sections of fabric, just like you’re starting a braid. Cross them over, keeping one side longer. Now, work your braid magic. Braid those sections all the way down. Here’s the cool part: when you reach the bottom, twist that extra loop and secure it. Voil√†, a braided hoodie that looks effortlessly stylish!

Bow Detail

Next, let’s level up with a cute bow detail. This one’s slightly trickier, but totally doable. Lay your hoodie flat, take two fingers, and weave the string around them twice. Now, thread that string back through and tug it tight. This is where the magic happens – gather all the strings behind the bow and pull. Watch that adorable bow form right before your eyes. It’s like fashion origami!

You can find inspiration on Instagram, like from the page @doesartwork. Their creative ideas got us inspired, and we added our own twist to it. Don’t worry, we’ll put up a step-by-step on our Instagram so you can recreate these looks anytime.

So there you have it! With just a few creative moves, your hoodie can go from simple to stylish without spending a dime.

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