Meet the Newest Addition the the KSL News Team: Brianna Chavez

KSL News has a new addition, and we’re all about getting to know our new teammate a little better. She’s not only delivering impactful stories, but she’s also bringing a dose of fun to the airwaves.

Meet Brianna Chavez, the fresh face on the KSL News team!


Met Brianna Chavez

Brianna is not new to the news game. She was working at her hometown station in El Paso, Texas before she made her way to Salt Lake City. Born and raised in Texas, she joined the news scene right out of college, starting as a receptionist and hustling her way up.

Leaving home was tough, especially considering the tragedy her community faced with a mass shooting shortly after she graduated in 2019. But her passion for journalism and reporting kept her going, even through the challenges of covering such heartbreaking events.

Relocating from Texas to Utah brought about its own set of questions and adjustments. Where to grocery shop? Where to hang out? You know, the little things that make a new place feel like home. Brianna’s family, though, helped her settle in and make this new adventure a little easier.

Let’s not forget Brianna’s love for sports and food! Growing up as the oldest of three, she credits her dad for her sports enthusiasm and cheers for Houston sports teams. When it comes to food, Brianna’s already on the lookout for the best local spots to satisfy her foodie cravings.

We couldn’t be happier to welcome Brianna to the KSL News team. She’s got the experience, the passion, and the spirit to keep bringing us the news with a touch of fun. Keep an eye out for her reports!

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