Top Five Summer Activities

Studio 5 contributor Katie Bell dishes on the top five activities for you and your family this summer.

1. Throw a neighborhood parade

– Lead the parade with either a pick up truck or a convertible

– Have kids in the car throwing out candy to the spectators

– Decorate bicycles and scooters with streamers, and colored pipe cleaners.

– Have kids dress up and ride around the neighborhood behind the leading vehicle

– End the parade with a neighborhood barbeque

2. Hold your own family chalk festival

– Divide concrete on driveway into even squares with chalk

– List each individuals name in separate square

– Have everyone pick out a photo that they want to draw

– Offer different prizes for each drawing

3. Slip and Slide with tarp or plastic visqueen

– Purchase an oversized tarp or 6 mil plastic visqueen from a hardware store (such as Home Depot or Lowe’s)

– Find a slightly steep hill and lay the tarp or visqueen out

– Cover tarp or visqueen with dish soap and water and slide!!

4. Recreate a full size board game in the backyard

– For checkers buy 16 pieces of black and white poster board

– Divide board into 4 pieces, cut and glue 7 across and down (differing white and black)

– Find 8 Frisbees or plastic plates of two different colors and play!

5. Sports tournament with the neighborhood (NIFA World Cup, Neighborhood International Football Association)

– Make a poster

– Create a roster with teams from different countries (If you have enough
children divide into age brackets.)

– Buy orange cones and crepe paper and set up two goals

– Set up chairs for spectators on the sidelines

– Find fun prizes at a dollar store for all the teams

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