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Trail Sledding: Here’s how it works and 3 of the best sleds for the job

Trail sledding is a fun new winter trend to try.

Sledding isn’t just for the kids! Adults are getting in on the fun of this winter activity.

Studio 5 trend tracker Mindy Dunyon tried out trail sledding, and gives her top recommendations on the best sleds this winter.


How to Try Trail Sledding

No longer are we just walking up a hill and sledding down. Mindy says there is a trend right now of extreme sledding or trail sledding. You hike up a trail and sled down to the bottom!

Mindy went out and tried it herself. “I found the perfect spot.” she says. “I went up Porter Fork Trailhead up Mill Creek and it was a little more safe because we hiked up this wide trail. It’s more like a paved road that has snow on it.”

Mindy says to wear a helmet, gloves and snow pants – you’re going to get wet! Also make sure to look out for people and dogs, and don’t go somewhere where you could fly off the road.

Top Sled Picks for Trail Sledding

Mindy recommends specific sleds for trail sledding.

  1. Missile Sled, $80: Mindy loves this one because it’s easy to hook to your backpack for hiking. It also keeps you forward facing, and you have a lot of control with it.
  2. Zipfy Sled, $54.99: This sled is similar to the Missile, but you control it with a handle. It doesn’t go quite as fast, so if you’re looking something a little slower with more control, this one is perfect.
  3. Rocket Sled, $12.23: This is your more affordable option, but it doesn’t ride quite as well as the previous two. Mindy says it is really lightweight and easy to hike with, but not a top performer.

Tubes and Snow Scooters

If you’re just looking for a little fun at a normal sledding spot, Mindy has found some alternate ways to slide down that hill.

  1. Inflatable Snow Tube, $54.99: Mindy says you can find a lot of regular inner tubes, but with a canvas cover, this one is less prone to damage and will last longer.
  2. Snow Scooter, $42.99: These aren’t for big snow hills, but little hills around the neighborhood are perfect for this snow toy!

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