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‘Peach Fuzz’ Passion: 4 Ways to Pull In the Color of the Year

It’s not quite orange. It’s not quite pink. And even though we don’t exactly love the name – we’re sort of smitten with the color “peach fuzz.”

By Lauren Tippetts

By now you know the Pantone Color of the Year is Peach Fuzz – a light, soft shade that’s in between pink and orange. You could say the Studio 5 team is all in – our contributors have shown us how to use this trending shade in everything from beauty products to flower arrangements. Here is all there great advice in one place… with recommendations to fit your lifestyle!


In the beauty world, “Peach Fuzz” is a familiar friend Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Megan Moore describes it as pretty and youthful.

“This color looks beautiful on any skin tone, Megan says. “It brings isn’t warmth and light to the face.”


Peachy Cheeks


Color Bloom Liquid Blush Matte Finish – Float On, $6.99 *am

She says cheeks are the easiest place to start and recommends the “Color Bloom Liquid Blush” in a matte finish.

“Peach blush is standard and safe,” she said. “This color will look natural and pretty on every woman.”


Neutral Peach Eyes

Morphe Pretty in Peach Eyeshadow Palette, $13

When it comes to eyes – don’t be scared!

“This is a gorgeous color to play around the eyes,” Megan says. “Think of it like a neutral; you can pair it with so many other colors, including pink, brown and mauve.”

Note that while a matte option is going to be more timeless, a shimmer may make it feel more dated.


Peach Pigment Without Washing Out

Afterglow Lip Balm – Torrid, $28

“Lips can be really tricky with peach,” Megan says. “We don’t want them to be too light and lose the color and look a little washed out and dated.”

Megan loves the NARS balms, which she says wears like a lip balm but it has a really great pigment to it.

“That way, you can get your peach pigment without looking too washed out!”


The Perfect Spring Manicure

Essie Pinks Nail Polish – Peach Side Babe or Sew Gifted, $10

Finally, Megan says nail polish is a really easy way to tie this color into your makeup look and predicts this color will be popular for Spring manicures.



When it comes to your closet, pulling in peach is super approachable. Casey Matheny pulled together some easy-to-style outfits with the perfect pinky-orange touch!


Accessorize with Peach

Recycled Plastic Marble Claw Clip, $10

“If you aren’t in love with the color, try a touch of peach in your accessories. Because peach is warm, stick to gold jewelry.”


Keep Things Neutral

Striped Ballet Neck Sweater, $40.45

“Peach is like a neutral, so it’s going to pair really well with the tans, beiges, and creams.” Casey says.


Make it Pop

Belted Tapered Leg Linen Blend Pants, $37.10

Casey says, “A crisp white against any color just really makes that other color pop.” She says it’s as simple as a white blouse and peachy trousers!

You can try a peach skirt, white pants with a peach top, but, “just bringing in that white is going to showcase that peach really well.”



Another way to incorporate Peach Fuzz is in home decor. But play it small and subtle – this isn’t the time to paint a whole wall, says designer Liz Powell.

“It’s really easy to add some simple touches to your home without going over the top,” Powell advises. “This goes beautifully with blue or brown, which are colors many people are have going on.”


Blend Texture & Pattern – laurelandblushco

Floral Peach Throw Pillow, $47.60

Liz is all about bringing in texture and pattern.

“We can blend some different materials with pattern and texture, but avoid going full-on peach,” she says.

She validates a woman’s go-to decorating move: adding a throw pillow to the couch.


Pair Peach with Different Tones – TurkishWeavingArt

Peach Turkish Towel, $8.00

Liz likes to think of trendy tones as supporting roles.

“Timeless design is going to stand the test of time. Trendy is going to go in and out every five to seven years,” she says.


Use Peach in a Supporting Role

Peach Fringed Throw Blanket, $41.29

“Think about layering linens and textiles for a softer style,” Liz recommends.

Keeping peach in that supporting role lets you combine and blend it with the pieces already in your home.


Peach in Art – SarahKaitlinArt

Peach Floral Watercolor, from $25

Use trendy colors as supporting actors in your home, love the pieces you bring in, and don’t bring in a color just because it’s trendy.

“That’s easy to do in accessories, art, rugs, and pillows,” Liz says.



Floral designer Tesla Welch wasn’t initially thrilled with the color of the year announcement.

“How did we go from magenta to Peach Fuzz!?” she exclaimed. “But, I’ve leaned in.”

She appreciates that it’s a calming, peaceful color that stands for togetherness, and she shared some easy ways to use this color in florals.


Peach with Blue – MrhanDesign

20″ Peach Silk Ranunculus, from $7.24

She recommends pulling in some silk flowers to pair with the decor you already have.

“I don’t have peach in my home, but I have every shade of blue.” Tesla said. “Peach pairs so nicely with any shade of blue because they’re kind of opposite colors on the color wheel. It’s kind of unexpected.””


Peach-y or Pink-y – FiveSeasonStuff Floral

Peach Pink Real Touch Silk Roses, from $22.99

The best part about this color is it’s a peach-y pink.

“You can lean into the peach, or the pink side and still get the peaceful, happy feeling this color stands for,” she says.


Just a Pop of Peach

Peach Glass Vases set of 2, $24

Blues and creams are colors that people do tend to have in their homes, so just a pop of peach can make your decor feel current and fresh. Some small, peach bud vases are a great way to do that.

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