Traveling with Grandkids

Dean and Nancy Hoch


It so much fun! – Neat experiencing the sights, sounds, foods & culture of a new place with them

You really get to know your grandkids in a new & exciting way

Remarkable bonding experience – just being together can be wonderful-one on one

Can be a great teaching and learning experience for both generations


Kids typically behave like little angels for their GRANDparents — (Parents are often shocked with the great reports they get)

How smart these kids are at a young age-how fast they learn & soak up information

Example: How quickly they can learn to read an atlas – Note:

This becomes the answer to the mother of all travel q’s – Are We There Yet?

What great, little travel writers they can become


Don’t forget a notarized permission slip and medical information

Go at the right age – typically 7-11 –
(some teens can be great too, if you handcuff & gag ’em)

Start planning the trip with them well ahead – build the excitement and interest- great motivator

Have them start learning to try new foods BEFORE they go

Have high expectations beforehand & during the trip

Teach & remind them of etiquette & manners (opening doors for their g’mother., which silverware to use, etc.)

Help them learn to spend their money wisely

Best not to let them call home – can cause a melt-down with some kids-use distraction

After trip: Make up a scrapbook for them – they are treasured – years later, still valued

FAVORITE PLACES TO VISIT – that’s like asking parents which child is their favorite…..
Sky’s the limit – does NOT have to be amusement parks & glitzy places

Example: Rbt. Browning Library in Waco, TX was a favorite of 8-year-old Nathan
Some of our favorites: Canada (Edmonton Mall-largest in the world) twins we took there said the trip was more fun than going to Disneyland),
TX (Irving, Ft. Worth, Waco), Florida, Bay Area
Foreign: Cancun, other parts of Mexico, Scotland


Book includes a whole section on destinations and resource information

Also a chapter on setting up a travel trust

Note: Parents are buying the book as a “subtle” hint for their own parents

BOOK SIGNING – Saturday 1-3 – Barnes & Noble at Jordan Landing in W. Jordan

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