Try It for $20: Magnetic Nail Polish

Try It for $20: Magnetic Nail Polish

At home nail art has never been easier. Magnetic Nail Polish give you a
surprise effect that leaves even the most skeptical user impressed. The
Special effect polishes from LCN are professional grade European polishes
that come in 8ml bottles that are good to the last drop.

Angie Denison, Studio 5 Producer shows off the new Magnetic Nail Polish

Magnetic Power has been the biggest trend in nail polish in years!
Featured by Bobbie Thomas on NBC TODAY and Style Watch in People
magazine, Magnetic power has captured the attention of the industry’s
biggest bloggers and does not disappoint. Shake the polish bottle well. Apply
a thick layer of magnetic polish and hold one of the magnets (diagonal or
star) over the wet surface of the polish for about 10 seconds to create the
design as you watch! The magnet pushes away the polish below it to mirror
the pattern!

Magnetic Nail Polish
Starter Set


Magnetic Nail



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