velvet pumpkins

Try This at Home: These chic velvet pumpkins are our latest Target find

Throw a few velvet pumpkins around the house for fall!

Our producers have a pulse on what’s new and interesting, and we love to share those finds with you. Our popular series Try This at Home is a look at things to see, taste, try, do and buy, all curated by our tastemaking team here at Studio 5.

The Studio 5 Staff shares what is on their radar this month. A convenient, snack will be the perfect healthy add to your pantry. Plus, bundle up all the loose cords in your house with a pack of magnetic twist ties.


Try This at Home Shopping Guide

Velvet pumpkins, Target dollar spot

Honeycrisp dried apples, Costco


Magnetic Silicone Twist Ties, $17.99

The Marine Straight Jeans, $50

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