magnetic twist ties

Here’s a random product you need…These magnetic twist ties are a total game changer

Magnetic twist ties are going to be a new staple at your house.

By Lauren Tippetts

I was scrolling through Tik Tok – as you do as a Millennial who is trying to keep up with kids these days – and there is a particular niche for Amazon finds. Post after post of people sharing the best things they’ve found on the site. Of course I got sucked down that rabbit hole, and while I “liked” a good chunk of those posts, this is the one that I clicked “buy” on.

Silicone Magnetic Twist Ties, $17.99

I have now bundled up every cord I own, tied up the cords to the blinds (for kitty safety), and even worn one as a bracelet (after the magnet got stuck to my earring, I decided that wasn’t a great idea). Needless to say, there are endless uses for these tiny cable ties. Even after all the things I’ve used them for, I have half the package left.

TL;DR: you will find a use for these magnetic twist ties, and your life will be more organized because of them.

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