Turn Your Ordinary Garage Door into Carriage Doors

Well now there’s a way you can turn your ordinary garage door into carriage doors, just like the ones the houses in the Parade of Homes have.

Kathleen Alder has the tools you need to transform your garage door into something your neighbors will even be jealous of without spending a lot of cash.

Painting garage doors works best with doors that have raised panels, particularly raised squares. Flat surface doors can also be painted but will take a bit more measuring and straight edges.

List of Equipment

1. 5′ A-frame ladder

2. 2 – 2″ craft brushes

3. 1 qt. metal primer (Rustoleum works well)

4. 1 qt. high gloss black metal paint (Rustoleum)

5. 1 roll 2″ masking tape

6. 1 roll ½” tape

7. Measuring tape

8. 4-6 Faux hinges depending on the size of the door

9. 2 Faux handles


1. Decide what kind of design would look best on the garage doors of the home as well as any special hardware that may be needed.

a. Carriage Doors with faux hardware and faux windows

b. Painting a design that uses faux hinges but does not include windows

2. Carriage door hardware can be obtained at specialty hardware stores, garage door stores and on the Internet. (Search e-bay for carriage door hardware)

a. Faux carriage doors need a total of 4 hinges and 2 handles to be installed on the front of the doors unless they are for an extra tall for a motor home door. In that case, two more hinges will be needed.

3. Purchase a good metal primer (Rustoleum works well) to cover the areas to be painted.

4. In order to paint faux windows on the door, shiny black metal paint (Rustoleum) should be used.

5. The day before, clean garage doors by squirting with water and if they are really dirty, wipe them with a soft dry cloth.

6. The second day, when the doors are dry, tape off the areas to be painted. For faux windows, tape all around each of the raised squares along the top panel of the door. To create four small window panes within each window place tape where the edge of the windows would be. In most cases the raised panels will accommodate four small window panes.

7. To simulate two carriage doors. . Put two pieces of tape down the middle of the door to be painted black. It will create an optical illusion and appear as though the doors open in the middle.

8. Apply the primer to all taped off areas including the line down the middle of the door using a good paint brush. Make sure to apply the paint carefully to avoid drips. Many garage doors have a very rough surface and it may be hard to get a straight edge, so don’t put too much paint on the brush each time. Use a sparing amount of paint each time the brush is dipped in the paint.

9. Once the painting is complete, let it dry 8 – 10 hours. Carefully remove the tape and do not leave the tape on for more than 24 hours in the heat of the sun as it will leave a sticky residue.

10. Enjoy watching the neighbors marvel at the optical illusion!!!

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