The Carpet Guy/Shaw Design Center

Gary Penrose talks about revolutionary ideas in flooring with his visit to Studio 5.

Shaw Green Edge

Shaw’s “Shades of America” flooring styles are constructed of Nylon 6, a recyclable carpet fiber. Carpets made of this fiber are capable of being returned to carpet production. Shaw has developed a program to recycle Nylon 6. When your Shades of America flooring wears out, Shaw has created recycling plants throughout the United States where you can send worn carpet and it becomes recycled into new carpet. A great environmental advantage…. good looking carpets and floors but being “green” in the process.

EverTouch Yarn

You have to feel it to believe the incredibly soft yarn systems, yet they’re durable, too. All Shades of America styles feature EverTouch Yarn.

R2X Stain and Soil Repellant System

All Shades of America styles offer R2X. This patented combined soil and stain resistance treatment was developed by Shaw and provides superior protection against soiling and liquid spills.

SoftBac Platinum

The Shades of America styles feature SoftBack Platinum, a revolutionary backing that gives you a 10-year no-wrinkle guarantee. SoftBack Plantinumn’s unequaled softness will remind you of the luxury and suppleness available only in the world’s finest fabrics.

The Good Housekeeping Seal

The GH Seal is a symbol of quality that has been the most recognized consumer product insignia in the country for more than 100 years. That seal is featured on the Shades of America carpet styles.

Shaw stands behind their 4-Star Assurance with a limited 7-year warranty. You’ll receive quality assurance against manufacturing defects, protection against stains and soiling through branded treatments and Textureguard for products meeting performance rating guidelines.

Shaw’s 5-star assurance is quality assurance against manufacturing defects, limited 10 year stain and soil warranty, limited 10-year texture retention warranty, a 30-day customer satisfaction guaratee and a no-wrinkle, no-restretch guarantee.

The Carpet Guys/Shaw Design Center invites you to look take home samples for yourself and at your convenience. Carpet comes in two elegant constructions and three levels of luxury. The two constructions are texture and twist. Both have a satiny, low-lustre surface. Twist is available in solid or accented colorations. The three levels are silver, gold and platinum. Each is a different weight and visual. All are luciously soft. Every selection is exquisite and a fantastic value.

Stop by the Carpet Guy/Shaw Design Center at 6310 Redwood Road. You can also learn more by going to to their website at or calling at 417-5600

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