Underwater Photo World

From waterproof cameras, to a splash proof photo bag – these gadgets
allow moms to capture those wacky water moments!

Photographer Jami Edman shares the options.

You don’t want to miss out on capturing those great summer memories
just because you are worried about getting your camera wet. There are
some great, affordable photograpy equipment option that will help you
capture those wonderful “wet” summer memories.

Waterproof point and shoot cameras allow you to take cute underwater
shots of your kids. They have come down in price and, are not only great at
underwater photos, but also great at taking every day non-water photos.
You can use the cameras to take videos or still photos. Use them at pools,
splash parks, water parks, the beach, or even snorkeling.

If you still want to use your nice digital SLR around water. You can protect it
with something as basic as a Ziploc bag. Or, Pictureline in Salt Lake sells
rain sleeves that go over your lens and camera for $6. It is always good to
be prepared, you never know in Utah when a rainstorm might pop up!

It is also nice if you are near water to have your gear protected in bag that
is water resistant. Lowepro sells backpacks that protect your camera, are
easy on the eyes, and allow your hands to be free when hiking on the beach
or walking the kids around the splash park.

Another fun thing to do for shots around water is to switch out your lenses.
There are lens kits you can buy that you attach to your iPhone and can
either give you an effect of a wide angle or zoom lens. I like using wide
angle lenses around the pool because you can capture the whole story of
the “great dive” or “first belly flop” without having to worry about a foot,
hand, or part of the head being cut out of the picture. You are also able to
capture the reaction of those in sitting around or in the pool.

One thing to remember in capturing water shots, is to have your shutter
speed turned up. You can do this two ways: by turning your camera to the
sports mode, or I suggest learning how to shoot in “manual” mode and
adjusting the shutter speed yourself. This allows you to be more creative.

If you have invested money in a Digital SLR camera and would like to learn
how to take the camera off “auto,” I teach a one day, hands on course on
learning how to shoot in manual. We learn how to take creative control of
your camera, along with learning about natural light, composition, and
posing. Then I bring models in and we practice what we learn. Visit my blog
www.imagesbyjami.com to
enter to win a chance to win a space in the next
class or to get a discount on the next class.

All of the products show today were generously provided from our local
Pictureline store in Salt Lake City.

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