Smart Phone Photography

You don’t have to have a fancy, high-end camera to get great photos. Your
smart phone can double as an expensive camera with the right apps and

Jessica Foust, from TopTenREVEIWS shares some of the tools you can use.


Olloclip: $69.99
Detachable lens with 3 modes: Fisheye, Wide Angle or Macro.

Gliff: $20
This piece of rubberized plastic attaches to your iPhone, allowing you to
mount it on a tripod.

ALM mCam: $169
It sports a 37mm .45x wide angle/macro lens and the kit also includes a
mic attachment.

iStabilzer Dolly: $59.95
Get professional-style panning at a range of angles with this dolly. It’s
universal mount works with any mobile device in any case.


Snapseed: $4.99
This is a great photo-editing app. In addition to all the tweaks you can
make, it also has fun filters like drama, vintage, grunge and tilt-shift.

Camera+: $.99
This is a good app to use in place of the iPhone’s native camera app. It has
more shooting modes, digital zoom, and it can set the exposure separately
from the focus.

360 Panorama: $1.99
Available on iOS and Android this app takes real-time panoramas. You can
view the panoramas as a photo or in the immersive 360 view.,
we do the research so you don’t have to.

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