Utah Cosmetic Surgery: Ulthera

Dr. Scott Haupt with Utah Cosmetic Surgery is the first to bring this new Ulthera treatment to Utah.

For two consecutive years, Dr. Scott Haupt, MD, at Utah Cosmetic Surgery has been selected by Goldline Research and seen in Forbes Magazine as being one of the 10 best plastic surgeons in the country. He is the only plastic surgeon in the Intermountain West to receive this honor. Dr. Haupt has extensive experience in wound care, plastic, and reconstructive surgery. He has been seen on several local news segments over the past several years and is sought after as a credible source on the latest cosmetic procedures. As a board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Haupt has completed over 7,000 procedures.

To celebrate, Dr. Haupt has brought Utah’s first Ulthera to Utah Cosmetic Surgery. This amazing face tightener can get rid of the droopy, tired look and there is no down time, scarring, or surgery. People are back to work the very next day. It works great on the neck as well.

“When I reviewed respected surgeons work on the new Ulthera, I was excited. So I had Ulthera perform the procedure on myself and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the skin tightening results I achieved. We purchased Ulthera to make available a quick and easy face tightener to people in Utah. So many patients tell me they want even modest results with no down time or invasive surgery. This is the best option I have seen so far as it tightens at two levels: the skin and the deeper fascia/muscle layer that is tightened during a facelift.”
– Dr. Scott Haupt, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

For more information visit www.utahcosmeticsurgery.com or call 888-33-BEAUTY

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