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V Chocolates’ Chocolatier Ron Best has been creating chocolate delicacies for over 20 years. He maintains that chocolate should be a satisfying joy ride that leaves you warm and wanting more. He can’t wait to share that experience with you.

Owner Carol Probst talks about V Chocolates on Studio 5

V Chocolate Belgian Chocolate

Belgian chocolates are widely considered the most gourmet of all chocolates, even when compared to the standard by which all other gourmet chocolates are measured. Belgian chocolate is rich and succulent, and made in a fashion in which no other chocolate from around the world is made. Even the Swiss, who are renowned for their chocolate, follow the basic fundamentals of chocolate making, as originally developed in Belgium. Trust us… your taste buds will know the difference!

7 things to know about Chocolate

You might not be aware of all the little things that make the difference between world-class chocolate and brown-colored wax. If you care to eat the best, you’ll want to know what to look for. Here’s a quick list. Get the details by going to www.vchocolates.com If your chocolatier appears nervous or evasive when posed the following questions, simply keep smiling and slowly back out of the room.

1. Has my chocolate been thoroughly conched?

2. What is my chocolate’s cocoa butter and chocolate liquor content?

3. Has my toffee been blessed with better butter?

4. What kind of sugar sweetens my chocolate?

5. How well do you treat your nuts?

6. How quickly do you make chocolates and toffees?

7. Has my chocolate been properly tempered?

Ideas for your holiday … or anytime … gift giving. Or just enjoy them for yourself!

1. The Holiday Collection: V Chocolates will help you find the perfect seasonal gift.

2. Toffee Selections: V Chocolate’s hand made toffees will delight your senses and fill your mouth with joy. The buttery crunch and the chocolate combined with the nutty topping create a taste sensation t hat will bring you back to your childhood and leave you wanting more

3. Caramels: The sweet ribbons of buttery sweet goodness will carry your senses to another plane of nirvana. Never has the soft beauty of caramel been packaged with such a perfect mix of chocolate. You could spend the day floating from one oasis of satisfaction to another.

4. Assorted Truffles: These decadent morsels of delightful confection, enrobed in the smoothest of chocolates will make your mouth water and your soul melt.

5. Selected confections: These precious little gems of bite-sized confections are perfect as little pick-me-ups throughout the day.

6. Chocolate-dipped Fruit: V Chocolates combines the ripest, juiciest fruits of the earth and then dips them in chocolate decadence.

7. Gift Collections: V Chocolate offers a wide array of chocolate gift baskets and chocolate towers. Their gift baskets are perfect for every-gift-giving occasion. Bursting with tasty assortments of popular confections, you’ll be remembered fondly for your generosity. If your corporation would like to order a large quantity or specialized grouping of chocolates, V Chocolates is happy to make your gift giving everything you can imagine.

Call V Chocolates at (801) 269-8444 or check out the website at www.vchocolates.com

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