Volunteer Hours: Fulfilling Fulltime Career

Utah has always been at the top of the list among other states for volunteers.

Q What does that mean for Utah

– Utahns have vast amounts of experience

– that experience can be converted to full time jobs in the non-profit sector

– your experience can also enrich the organizations you work for

Q If you are in this situation, what’s the first step to begin the process

1) Determine your Passion:

– do you love the arts

– working with children

– working with the environment

– working with health issues

– find the organization that appeals to your passion

2) List your Skills

– do you like planning events

– do you like organizing

– do you like working with people

– what have been your successes

– do you enjoy fundraising

– have you held leadership positions in civic, church or non-profit organizations

– list everything

3) Volunteer for the organization you’d like to work for

– find the organization that fits your passion

– work with an organization that has paid staff

– paid staff can see your skills

– if a paid position opens and you’re good … and available … you’ll be able to get on

– good places to look

-the Girl Scouts,

– Boys and Girls Clubs

– arts organizations

– schools

4) Network with Nonprofit organizations

Two great suggestions:

– Utah NonProfits Association

– Utah Society of Fundraisers

These organizations:

– are non-profit support organizations

– provide networking opportunities

– thru lunches, socials, trainings, conferences

– offer job boards on available jobs in nonprofit sector

5) Look for non-profit training opportunities

1) The Non-Profit Academy for Excellence

– U of U provides a certificate program

– for all non-profit professionals

– from volunteers to Exec Directors to Board Members

– 7 one-day classes get you a certificate

– no bachelors degree required

– not required to be accepted by University

2) Utah Non-profits Association

– most classes open to anyone

3) Utah Society of Fundraisers

– lunches and trianing classes for non-profit professionals

– geared to USFR members but luncheons open to anyone

Go to these websites for more information: Utah Nonprofits Association, Utah Society of Fundraisers, and Nonprofit Academy for Excellence.

If you’re someone who has a variety of non-profit experiences and want to create a career for yourself, this is the place to begin… just go to these websites… they’re also listed on our website at studio5.ksl.com. You could be on your way to a fulfilling career.

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