La Caille: Elegance for your Wedding

What are some unique places that people can go for receptions?

Make your selection a place that has significance for you both. Some places to go are hotels and the top floors of skyscrapers. Or if sports is a part of your courtship, try a baseball diamond or golf and country clubs. If you’re a nature lover, parks or a greenhouse can create magic moments. If you’re down home and love country living, rustic barns provide a special atmosphere for guests. Historical settings and art galleries also provide unique backgrounds for beginning your lives together.

Why choose a reception center? What specialties do they offer?

Reception centers help alleviate your wedding day stress. You enjoy your day and let them do all the work and worry. Plus most centers are full-service … they cover every base from food to brides room to flowers, cakes and everything in between.

When choosing a location, remember these tips: Consider low “wedding volume” days like Tuesdays and Wednesdays for your wedding. If you have these days, many locations can provide you with packages that have a better deal and can fit into your budget. Which leads to the next tip: come to the reception representatives prepared with what you can afford. Be realistic, however. Understand the cost of things roughly. If you have limited funds, invest the most amount of money in items that will last longer such as photography. These will be wise investments in the future. Good recommends good. When you’re deciding where to go, talk to friends and acquaintences about places they’ve been to or worked with that have provided good results. Get their opinions and make your decision on that. Finally, take pressure off of yourself on your wedding day. Get your aunts, cousins, friends, even in-laws to help you pick up those last minute items like flowers, bridesmaid gifts, etc. That way, you’ll be ready to enjoy your very special day.

Why choose LaCaille?

For several years, LaCaille has been the premiere location for weddings throughout the intermountain area. From their elegant gardens to their delightful food, plus special wedding touches like the Bridal Room and Wedding Cottage all combine to make this a special experience not only for the bride and groom but for everyone who’s invited.

LaCaille is located at 9565 Wasatch Blvd., in Sandy. Give them a call at (801) 942-1751 or go on line at

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