Spencer Hadley, Deputy Office Administrator for the Lt. Governor’s Office, visits Studio 5 to discuss, a website dedicated to all things voting!

• The new State of Utah voter education website is at VOTE.UTAH.GOV

• The site is a one-stop source for all things vote. It provides everything a Utah voter needs to know about issues, candidates and what’s going to be on the ballot for the general election, Nov. 2, 2010.

VOTE.UTAH.GOV was developed and is overseen by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Greg Bell. The Lt. Governor’s office is charged with overseeing elections throughout the state of Utah.

• The new site consolidates services and features in one convenient location on the web. It’s taking the place of a couple of former Utah vote websites, plus offering new features and services for Utah voters wanting to make informed choices.

• The site launched for the public on Sept. 16, 2010.

• Among the new or improved features:

-A link to the state’s new online voter registration service. Now you can REGISTER TO VOTE ONLINE.

-An option to register at VOTE.UTAH.GOV for information specific to you – including your polling location, what’s on your individual ballot, and more.

-Information on current elected officials and office-holders.

-A SAMPLE BALLOT, specific for you if you register, for review prior to voting.

-The OPTION to sign-up for TEXT and E-MAIL reminders on early voting and other information. If you register, you’ll be sent a TEXT 24 hours in advance of Election Day with your specific polling location and the hours it will be open.

-EARLY VOTING information. Many Utahns like to vote early. A page on the site lists all the EARLY VOTING locations throughout Utah. THIS YEAR, EARLY VOTING BEGINS ON Oct. 19th and ends on Oct. 29th at 5 p.m.

-During the Early Voting window, VOTE.UTAH.GOV will offer electronically updated wait times at all early voting locations. This will help people plan their day and make things easier.

-And VOTE.UTAH.GOV will offer several social networking tools for people to share information via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and others.

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