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Stay warm in style! The 4 layered parts of a cozy winter outfit

The trick to staying warm in style is layering!

It’s a style trick the pros swear by this time of year!

Stylist Reachel Bagley shares how layering is the best way to feel comfortable during the winter months while still looking polished and put together!

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How to Layer an Outfit to Stay Warm in Style

Warm on Top

Wear lots of thin layers rather than one big layer, don’t skip your under layers.

  • Inner Base Layer – thin wool, thermal, bamboo, polyester blends, should be able to absorb sweat and keep you comfortable and dry. It should be snug but not tight, allowing air to circulate.
  • Middle Insulation Layer – this layer’s purpose should keep your body heat in. Something slightly heavier. You can always remove it if you get too warm. Try Merino Wool, flannels, or fleece sweatshirts.
  • Outer Layer – this layer will protect from the elements: wind, rain, snow.


Warm on Bottom

Insulated pants, having pants lined with fleece, flannel or even wearing velvet lined tights can make a big difference in your overall warmth and comfort. When you line your bottoms it makes a big difference in your overall warmth. Since it’s more difficult to make adjustments to your bottoms without finding a changing room, keep your upper body flexible. Dress in layers so you can remove them as you need more or less heat.


Warm Feet

Nothing kills your comfort level like cold toes. Starting with your socks you have two options, on most occasions wear one warm but breathable sock. Something that wicks away moisture and dries quickly is your best bet. If you plan to be outdoors for an extended period of time, wear two pairs of socks. The first should be thin and wick away sweat. The second should be your insulation layers. Your shoe will act as your outer layer.

Your warmest winter shoes should NOT be breathable. They should keep out wind, water, and snow. Be sure they are at least weather resistant if not waterproof.


Warm Head

The final step for a warm winter look – cold weather accessories. To keep your hair from getting flat under a beanie, part your hair the opposite direction then flip it back when you take your hat off. While scarves don’t necessarily go in and out of fashion, how to tie them does. Right now, the runways were reigned by blanket scarves and loose, effortless drapes.

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