Wearing Leather Your Way

Leather is one of this season’s absolute must-haves. The once reputed “bad girl” or “biker chic” material is making a statement this fall in women’s wardrobes of all ages.

Studio 5 Style & Fashion Contributor, Heidi Allen shows how to sport the leather look in a way that suits you.

Leather Accents:

Wearing leather as an accent is probably the easiest way to incorporate the material into your wardrobe. Almost every store is carrying clothing with small accents of leather. From leather piping, to shoulder pieces, sleeves or even leather collars, finding leather as an accent to your favorite wardrobe essential is an easy task this fall.

Pink top with grey leather collar: Nordstrom, $78.00

Colored Leather:

If black leather is a little too tough, go for colored leather! Look for leather in grey, burgundy, brown, navy or even pale pink. The different hue can soften the look of the edgy material and make you feel more comfortable wearing it!

Burgundy skirt: H&M, $129.00
Pink top: H&M, $34.95
Grey tie sweater: H&M, $49.95

The Perfect Fit:

Sometimes when we think of wearing leather, we think it’s uncomfortable, doesn’t fit well or flatter the figure. Thanks to the popular trend, you can now find leather pieces that are made to fit your figure perfectly with stretch paneling. Look for a piece of leather clothing that is not completely made of the material, but instead has stretch paneling in just the right places. Dresses, skirts, sleeves of jackets, and leather pants will often have panels of stretch material to help ease the fit of the garment.

Leather panel dress: ASOS, $90.00

Timeless Leather:

Take your favorite piece in your wardrobe, and perhaps the one you wear the most and go find the same type of item with a splash of leather! Find something that is timeless to you and buy it in leather…that way you know it is something you will wear! Leather is a material that is timeless. Just make sure to incorporate it into your wardrobe with a piece of clothing that you consider a staple.

Leather sleeved blazer: Nordstrom, $148.00
Top: Nordstrom, $128.00
Burgundy slacks: JCrew, $118.00

Make it Feminine:

To diminish the edgy look, pair a leather piece with something feminine! A soft, delicate item can do wonders for the tough material and compliments it quite nicely when paired together. The collaboration creates a ladylike ensemble and balances out the sometimes-hardy look of leather.

Leather dress: Nordstrom, $198.00
Pink sweater: Anthropologie, $128.00

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