Western Governor’s University Mentor Based Programs

Western Governor’s University Mentor Based

Today’s economy is prompting many people to return to the workforce or
update their learning and pursue higher degrees. It’s a challenge to do
that while still working or running a household. But Western Governor’s
University is offering programs to help put some of your life experience
towards a degree.

Candis Shupe is a mentor in the Teacher’s College at Western Governor’s
University and explains how it works.

Though WGU is all online, each student is assigned a mentor that works
with that student through the duration of their program.

Accreditation is important, especially for educators. WGU is NCAATE
accredited—what does this mean for the people at home who always
wanted a quality teaching credential?

Even if you are a licensed teacher already working in a Utah school, going
back to get a master’s degree may seem time consuming or daunting. But
WGU is competency-based. This is good news for experienced teachers
who have considered going back for a master’s but feel like it will take too
much time?

WGU has several scholarship programs, and even a few that are specifically
for Utah educators.

You can learn more at wgu.e

Though WGU has one of the largest Teachers Colleges in the U.S., there are
other career fields that WGU offers programs in. Viewers can find out more
about all of WGU’s programs at www.wgu.edu/utah.

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