Crazy For Oilcloth

Crazy For Oilcloth

Crafters are going crazy for oilcloth! The slick, durable material is one of
this year’s biggest craft trends. Studio 5 loves it too! Just a few weeks ago,
Megan Hoeppner showed us darling ways to work with oilcloth. We just
couldn’t get enough, so we asked Megan to craft up even more cool
creations using oilcloth.

Creating Keepsakes Magazine Editor Megan Hoeppner shares new ways to
craft with oilcloth!

Greetings! Megan Hoeppner here. I had so much fun sharing oilcloth ideas
with on a previous Studio 5 visit that I thought I’d
come back and share a few more. This is SUCH a versatile crafting medium,
and I hope you end up having as much fun with it as I’ve had.

Decorate with an Oilcloth Banner:

Because oilcloth is slick and sturdy, it’s great for outdoor décor, including
this Studio 5 banner. What I love the black pennants, which are created
from a chalkboard fabric, because I can easily erase and rewrite the
greeting for various occasions. Ask your local fabric store about this
fabulous product or purchase it online.

Note: I used bistro markers (chalkboard markers) to write on the fabric,
which are available at Michaels.

Send an Oilcloth Greeting:

To make this postcard, simply stitch down the center of one piece of
oilcloth to create the divider between where your message and the address
will go. Next, sew the stitched piece to a second oilcloth pattern, pink the
edges with your pinking shears, and stamp the word “postcard” and a
greeting using stamps (I used the Postcard set from American Crafts) and
StazOn ink by Tsukineko (which works perfectly
on smooth surfaces).

Note: If you find your postage stamp won’t stick to the postcard, try
adhering it with a strong glue (such as super glue), or stitch it to the
material before you sew the front and back pieces together.

Create an Apron:

Because of its smooth finish, oilcloth is an idea material to use when
sewing a crafting apron, like this one, which was provided by Caledonia
Fine Fabrics
(an awesome place to pick up oilcloth). Simply select an
pattern and your oilcloth, and let stylish fun begin.

Organize with Oilcloth:

Keep your beach, pool, picnic, or park attire organized in an oilcloth tote.
Again, simply select a tote bag pattern (click here for a list of free tote-bag
pattern options), grab some oilcloth, and create a durable bag that you can
use while you’re out and about or even as an eco-friendly shopping bag!
Note: This bag was also provided by our friends at Caledonia Fine Fabrics.

Build Baby Décor:

The nursery is a lovely place to add splashes of oilcloth. Simply cut shapes
and letters (to spell “baby”), and tie them to embroidery hoops. I covered
the hoops with scraps of oilcloth before tying my doodads to them.

Note: I used the Slice Fabrique from Making Memories to cut my oilcloth for
this project. It’s a great option for die-cutting fabric. And I learned how to
make the pinwheels by watching a past episode of Studio 5. Learn more by
clicking here.

Add Oilcloth Wall Art:

For quick wall organization, fill a frame with cork-covered oilcloth. Or layer
oilcloth over a magnet board, as illustrated here. This frame is a Creative
Memories product, and I adore the way it looks filled with oilcloth.

Organize your Oilcloth:

Here are a couple of oilcloth storage ideas for your smaller pieces of
oilcloth that are both decorative and functional:

1. Roll them up and tie a spare scrap of oilcloth (or ribbon) around the
roll. Place your various rolls in a cute basket.

2. Wrap your oilcloth around vintage spools, available at consignment
and antique shops, and secure the pieces in place using fabric tape. Note:
You can also pin the material in place, but it will create a pinhole in your
material, so please do so with caution.

Oilcloth Shopping:

Since my last Studio 5 segment, I’ve found a few additional shops that carry
amazing oilcloth assortments. Both of these shops happen to be in Boise,
ID, but you don’t have to make a road trip to enjoy their inventory. Instead,
check out their online stores.

· Caledonia Fine Fabrics

o This is where I purchased several of my awesome samples for today’s
segment. The owner and store employees are super nice and would love to
assist you in your oilcloth creations, whether you choose to purchase online
or visit their fabulous store in Boise, ID!

· Twigs & Twist

o This is an adorable little fabric and scrapbooking shop in the Hyde
Park area of Boise, Idaho.

· Online: You can find a list of online and local shops that carry
and laminated cotton here.

More Projects:

To see the rest of the projects shared on today’s show, I invite you to visit
my blog. And
always check out Creating
Keepsakes magazine
when looking
for ways to incorporate fun textures such as oilcloth into your

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