Westridge Academy: Hope and Healing

John Stohlton talks about what you need to know if your child is showing signs of spiraling out of control.


There are some types of behavior that should alert parents that their child is having difficulties and may need help.

1) Time accountability – gone for long periods of time, not being accoutable for where they’ve been, or tells lies of where they’ve been.

2) Mood swings – is withdrawn, doesn’t allow you into his/her room, doesn’t like school, no church activity

3) Anger – lashes out at parents or siblings, uses inappropriate language, destroys property

4) Change in family values – where once religious or accepted family values, now they make excuses, doesn’t sustain family’s values

5) Peer associations – spends time away from home, spends more time at friends’ house, friends’ parents are not home, he/she starts dressing, talking and mannerisms of the group, “birds of a feather flock together

What is West Ridge Academy’s philosophy: The goal and mission at West Ridge Academy is to offer hope and healing to families. A young person spiraling out of control can be devastating to even the healthiest of amilies. Sometimes noraml parenting skills simply aren’t enough. West Ridge is there to help.

Their passion is to build trusting relationships with your son or daughter that will hopefully help facilitate a lifelong change in heart. They will learn new coping skills and moral and spiritual values that will propel them into a more functional and peaceful way of life. These changes are miraculous to see and the reason why they love what they do at West Ridge Academy.

Because West Ridge Academy needs help to raise funds, you are invited to the 16th Annual Scarecrow Festival October 11-15 at Electric Park at Thanksgiving Point. Each day events begin at 10 am and go to 9 pm. There are games, entertainment, crafts and food. Bring the entire family and enjoy the holiday atmosphere, too.


For more information, visit Weset Ridge Academy at 5500 West Baley Park Road in Weset Jordan. You can also call them at (801) 282-1000 or go to their website at www.westridgeacademy.com

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