Happy, Healthy Halloween

Registered Dietitian Melanie Douglass has five ideas for not letting your healthy habits get scared away this Halloween.


This year, enjoy Halloween on a healthier note. Here are 5 simple steps to help you survive the month of October:

1) Don’t buy any candy until a few days before Halloween. If the procrastination will drive you crazy, then buy it a week before and put it in your freezer—or out of sight—until Halloween day (get it out first thing in the morning to thaw).

2) Don’t buy a variety of candy. Pick one kind of candy and make the most of it. People tend to eat more when presented with a variety of choices.

3) Exercise the day before, the day, and the day after Halloween. Go for a walk, visit a health club, or use a home workout video.

4) Eat smaller meals on Halloween. Make your meals lighter (like fruit and water for breakfast, salad and protein (eggs, beans, nuts, or lean meat) for lunch, and raw or steamed veggies with lean meat for dinner).

5) Enjoy your favorite candy. It’s unrealistic to think you won’t eat any candy when you’re practically swimming in it. So get it over with, enjoy a few pieces, get it off your mind, and move on with your day.


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By Melanie Douglass, R.D., NASM

Author: Tip-a-Day Guide to Healthy Living

(Deseret Book, 2007)


© 2007 Melanie Douglass, Deseret Book

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