What is Your Baby’s Favorite Toy?

My favorite baby toy is dominoes. I know it’s not a baby toy, but my baby loves pulling them out of the box and making them fall and make noise! I hope I win! Thanks!

– Nikki B.

My favorite toy was a Rainbow Brite!

– Laura T.

My favorite baby toy is the anything tupperware! My 1 year old daughter could play all day with the bowls and everything else. We spend money on baby toys and she’s rather have the bowls.

– Unknown

My favorite toy for my 7 month old boy, Zander is his Bouncy Saucer! He loves to rock back and forth in it, it has many toys around it that can all be removed, and even a teething one! You can even feed them in it by putting down the legs, and it has built in bowls! I like it because it keeps him from getting into things. It’s an awesome versatile toy that he loves as much as we do!

– Marianne M.

My favorite toy is my camera. We have five children under the age of five. This helps me capture all our fun, crazy moments!

– Heidi E.

I have a one year old boy, who is very curious about everything around him. I have two favorite toys which keep him busy for quite a while and also are educational, I made them from old formula cans, socks, and random toys around the house. The one he loves the most is a formula can covered in paper or contact paper (to make it look cute), and a 1/2″x2″ slit in the lid. Then I collected a bunch of clean milk and juice lids, he loves to put the lids in the can and hear them clink and it’s easier than other shape sorters as the hole fits any lid. He also loves to throw the lids but he definitely enjoys putting the lids in the can. The other toy is a decorated formula can with the top of a sock taped on, then I filled the can with blocks, plastic keys, animals and other smaller toys. He loves hide-and-seek but hasn’t gotten the concept yet so this sock/can toy allows him to feel objects he can’t see without closing his eyes. He loves to pull the toys out, always followed by a cheer, and then he will even put the toys back in. I know that it’s probably hard to imagine the toys without pictures, so if you’re interested I can always send pictures but he loves to play with these two toys (his other 18 month old friends love to play with them when they come over too) and the best part is that they’re cheap!! Thanks for listening!

-Lori E.

My favorite toy for my son to play with is something I made, an “Old McDonald” sing along with pictures. Whenever I say the words he runs to the box containing the set squealing in delight, he is 17 months old. Love to win as I am expecting number 2. Thanks.

– Amy B.

Our favorite toy is the Hasbro Playskool Busy Ball Popper. It is so cute to see our little munch giggle as the balls pop up and out. She loves to put them back in and do it over and over.

– Bryndee S.

My kids love just love those little wiggle cars. They are those little cars that you sit on and move the steering wheel back and forth to make them go. Truth be told, I love to ride them to!

– Kristy M.

My favorite toy is the old favorite Lite Brite.

– Diane C.

My favorite toy: my little ponies.

– Kimi C.

My favorite toy is my daughters blabla giant Kitty doll. She is so cute and soft!

– Jinni B.

My all time favorite toy growing up was my Rose Petal Place dolls and house. I played with it for hours and hours.

– Heather D.

We have used a little leap frog music toy that teaches colors numbers and music for three kids and many years.

– Katie M.

My son Jacob’s favorite toy right now is his Little People Train. He loves it as the little people and animals can ride around on it and it makes lots of fun sounds.

– Sarah P.

My kids love their Playskool Ball popper! It is the best toy and what I give for all 1st birthdays!

– Charity J.

I don’t know why we spend money on expensive toys! Ava’s favorite toy is a set of collapsible measuring cups that I’ve had for years. She is good for HOURS when I let her play with them.

– Emily W.

My 10 month old son loves puppies and his favorite toy is his stuffed puppy! I have been teaching him baby sign, and he can do the sign for dog, and is learning how to “woof.” It’s very cute!

– Torri M.

My little Shawn’s favorite toy is Blue Pajama Bear by TY. It’s a bear in Blue bunny pj’s. Shawn LOVES to suck on the ears, it’s the only thing that will calm him down and he won’t sleep without it. We’ve even ordered another one in case of a lost bear emergency!

– Erin O.

My baby’s favorite toy right now is Mommy’s computer mouse!! She especially loves to play with it when I’m working on the computer.

– Calie N.

My baby’s favorite toy is a little car that you pull back to make it go. He crawls after it and then brings it back so we can do it again. It’s very cute!

– Sara C.

My babies favorite toy is her stacking cups. She loves to experiment and see what she can put in the cups and see if she can get anything to fit inside which she has successfully accomplished many times.

– Terrilynn H.

My little girl loves books!

– Pamela M.

My baby’s favorite toy is my cell phone! He loves how it lights up and makes noise! I don’t like to let him play with it, because I saw a story on the news about hoe dirty they are. He always seems to find it no matter where I stash it! He would rather play with the phone more than any of his other toys!

– Sam

I would have to say that my daughters favorite all time “toy” would be my cell phone! She wants to be just like mommy and daddy!

– Rachel T.

My babies favorite toy is his baby gym made by his Dad.

– Jamie D.

My baby’s favorite toy: her Teddy Bear because she loves to cuddle.

– Kimberly G.

I have a 14 month old little by that loves to play with sticks! It doesn’t matter where it came from or what it looks like. He used to take his great grandpa’s cane and swing it all around the house. He found a package of sprees and watched a music conductor on the TV and started to mimic him by swinging it around. He bangs them on the ground and just loves feeling like he is king of the house with his staff in hand!

– Aly L.

McKay is 15 months old and essentially the first grandchild on both sides. For his first birthday he received TONS of toys! But his favorite toy is a plastic golf club we bought for him when he was ten months. He carries it around everywhere and he enjoys hitting any ball he comes in contact with.

– Stacy G.

Well, my baby is almost two and his favorite toy is any car or ball! We do a lot of throwin’ and rollin’! We probably don’t need the baby expo right now, but our “baby” is going to have a little brother in January. Then we’ll be back to the starting line.

– Amy H.

My 9 month old has a few different toys but recently he got an Infantino baby laptop as a gift. It has a slot where we put our family picture… He loves to see our picture and points at it all the time… He also loves when I point at each memeber and say Mommy, daddy and his name, he gets super excited.

– Sandra M.

My baby’s favorite toy is her puppy Max. She wrestles with him and cuddles with him. Max is so patient with her. He licks her face as she pulls and tugs at his hair. We just got Mele her own room and he even stays in her new room and watches over her when she sleeps. This picture is of her at 6 months. She is now 10 months. In the picture Mele was sleeping and smiled as soon as Max came and laid down on her. They are best friends.

– Betzaida H.

My baby loves to play with stacking beads. Anything she can stack she loves. I think she likes to knock things down too.

– Brenda P.
My 2 boys ( 2 years and 7 months) love the Fisher-Price Amazing Animals Sing and Go Choo-Choo!

– Andrea J.

My youngest daughter’s favorite toy isn’t even a toy. She loves carrying around and playing with her plastic take n’ toss spoons and forks. She also does the same with her toothbrush. Pretty much anything long. Lol. It’s so cute.

– Esther H.

My son loves this little go dog go book so much he sleeps with it at night and has to take it with us everywhere!

– Jerin B.

My daughters favorite toy is anything tupperware! All the bowls and little gadgets are in her kitchen drawer.

– Ashley A.

My son Ethan’s favorite toy is his stuffed beaver. He can’t sleep without it. That said, when he is awake he is obsessed with getting his hands on the dog’s toys: balls, ropes, bones, you name it. Can’t distract him. If it belongs to the dog he wants it.

– Russell C.

My daughter Eliza’s favorite toy is the ball popper, she loves it because it has a tub and slide that 5 colorful balls through. Also it has a button she pushes to turn on the music and dance to. she has learned colors and words with this toy, she is a smart 18 month old.

– Jessica C.

Pita has just learned to crawl and her favorite toy is a chapstick holder necklace. It’s a blue rope with a rubber cap that holds a chapstick. We took the chapstick out and she just thinks this necklace is the greatest thing in the whole world. If she’s sad it makes her happy, if she needs to be quiet at church it keeps her quiet. It’s the little things that makes our Pita so happy.

– Ashley R.

I was planning on going to the Baby Expo anyway, so I was excited to see you have a giveaway. I have one son who is 18 months old, and another boy on the way, due Thanksgiving Day. My son, Bozly can occupy himself with almost anything but he does have favorites. It’s a toss up between two toys right now. We have this teddy bear that lights up on the belly and will count and say the ABC’s, and sing. There’s this one song “Teddy bear, teddy bear, clap like this. *clap, clap* Teddy bear, teddy bear, blow a kiss. *muah* Teddy bear, teddy bear, reach up high. Teddy bear, teddy bear, wave bye-bye. Bye-bye.” When Bozly hears the music, his face lights up and he starts blowing kisses, and clapping. And the other toy is just a ball. Well, any ball really. He can roll a ball around forever, but he especially loves it when his dad plays with him. When him and his dad start toss a ball back and forth, our home is filled laughter and joy. It puts a smile on everyone’s face.

– Emily F.

My son’s favorite toy is his Fisher Price airplane w/ little people. He loves to carry around the Fisher Price Little people in his hands. They are the perfect size for his little nine month old hands. He crawls around with them in his hands & stands up to things as he drives the people on the wall or the furniture. As he does that he even talks his baby talk, which sounds like he’s talking to them. He even trys to lift up the airplane onto the couch. It’s so fun to watch him & he never gets tired of his Fisher Price little people & plane.

– Sarah S.

My baby, Brooklyn Taylor, loves her Jangles Giraffe from Discovery Toys. We call him Jeffery. She has loved him since her first month. He hangs in her car seat and makes a great friend on long trips. We are so glad grandma gave us Jeffery. Brooklyn is now 6 months old. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

– Amy T.

My son is a year old and his new favorite toy, he just got for his birthday. It is a lightening McQueen Activity ride on. He loves pushing the buttons and making it play music that he dances too. He also can walk with it or ride on it. He also like to play with the box it came in. His favorite non toys are shoes and playing in kitchen drawers. Just wanted to share thank you for putting on a great show that I enjoy watching every day!

– Shawna P.

My daughter Shilee is currently 7 months old, her favorite toy is her Princess Phone, and she is quite the little Princess so that is most fitting. Her daddy plays games with her using her phone and they have conversations regarding her being his Princess during their play time, she loves the music and the soft tone of her daddys voice during that special time with her daddy.

– Unknown

I love the teething ring! It has water in it so you can put in the fridge or freezer. Those little teeth are trying to come through so it really helps their little gums! It sure can be a messy and rough process for them!

– Hayley B.

Our 10 Month old baby boys favorite toy is our dogs. He chases them around the house and loves petting them. Luckily we have very tolerant dogs and them love him back. 🙂

– Lindsay P.

My little boy Tommy’s favorite toy is his Lemur! It’s a little stuffed animal that when you squeeze its belly it makes a “boing” sound!

– Becca E.

Right now my four-month-old, Seth, loves the toy monkey that hangs from his Fisher Price Rain Forest play gym. As soon as he sees it he smiles and smiles, and has recently started to reach up to grab at it. He’s pulled it down a couple times, and it has been so much fun to watch him learn how to grab and hold on to it. He could care less about any of the other toys that hang down from the play gym, he is always just taken with his smiley, cute monkey.

– Sara P.

My baby’s favorite toy is actually one of those dispensers with the sections for measured formula. She thinks she is pretty amazing that she can open and close the little lid and she is totally entertained by this! Once she gets a hold of one of them, I literally cannot get it away from her until she decides she is finished!

– Melissa K.

McKay is 15 months old and essentially the first grandchild on both sides. For his first birthday he recived TONS of toys! But his favorite toy is a plastic golf club we bought for him when he was ten months. He carrys it around everywhere and he enjoys hitting any ball he comes in contact with.

– Stacy G.

My little guy’s favorite toys are cars. He loves to push them around or throw them(: He also has a little Mickey Mouse train he loves to ride.

– Natalie O.

My youngest baby’s favorite toy is a stuffed animal cat. The word kitty is in her tiny vocabulary and she is always saying it and toting it around.

– ShayLee M.

My baby is only 2 months old so not really old enough to have a toy to play with. She loves, loves, loves to watch baby einstein and loves it when we tap her nose with her binky and say “Boop”.

– Angie C.

These amazing baby sound balls chime, jingle, and crinkle. Keeping the day interesting, and exciting.

– Kallie P.

One thing that never fail to grasp her attention is the sight of a guitar. Whenever one is accessible she is all over it – whether strumming, slapping, grabbing, or licking.

– Kelsey W.

Believe it or not, our 17 month old son’s favorite toy would have to be potatoes. He scatters them all over our living room and kitchen, and I find them in cupboards, drawers, and under the couch. Imagine how much money we could have saved if we had only known he wouldn’t be interested in toys!

– Michelle L.

My baby is OBSESSED with the remote. She’s nine months and will dive across the couch to get it:) Can you blame her with all those bright buttons to push? 🙂

– Chelsea C.

My little girl is now six months old. Her name is Clara.
Her favorite toy is actually the wipes package! I think she just loves the crinkly noise it makes.
She is so darling!

– Brittni C.

I have 2 babies. My little boy is just over 2 and his favorite toy(s) is anything in my kitchen. Pots, pans, lids, measuring cups. He loves to help me cook too. My little girl is 10 months and her favorite toy is my little boy’s dinosaur. It roars and she just thinks that’s so funny and she roars at it back!

– Nicole L.

My son is a little over a year old and his favorite toy is a plush tiger his Grandparents gave him. He gives it big hugs and kisses and it is the sweetest thing you’ll ever see. He would love another toy he can snuggle with!

– Whitney E.

My sons favorite toy is his exersaucer because he can stand up and play with a variety of toys and they don’t get pushed out of his reach.

– Carolyn B.

Baby’s favorite toy was a dog that would bark and flip around. Why – cause it would make her laugh each time. She wouldn’t let anyone else play with it.

– Lorna E.

My daughters favorite toy is the ‘sassy me in the mirror toy’. She will giggle and laugh at herself forever. I really think she thinks there is another baby talking to her 🙂

– Jen H.

My 7 month olds favorate toy is a cotton feliz navidad doll that has a rattle in it. We gave it to our five year old on her first christmas and when we pulled out the boxed up baby toys after our 7 month old was born that was the only thing that she was really interested in.

– Tereasa C.

My baby’s favorite toy is anything electronic that my husband or I am currently using. For example, she loves hitting laptop keyboards, the digital piano keys, buttons on remote controls, and cell phone keys. Maybe it’s a sign that she’s a poster baby for her generation!

– Jordan G.

My baby’s favorite toy is any baby she can find. She loves to play “Mom” and every day is a different baby that is her favorite. She teaches me how to be a better mom by the way she treats her own baby. Its a great learning tool for baby and mom.

– Angela

My son is 15 months old, his favorite toy or thing to play with is anything in my kitchen drawers, normally its metal tongs or a spatula he uses as a wand or measuring spoons, I love to cook so he always sees me getting into the drawers and now loves to pull things out for me and take my cooking utricles all around my house! I can never find my 1 teaspoon measuring spoon or 1 cup measurer.

– Crystal

I have a one year old girl, Eliza and she is just learning to walk but she loves her wiggle bike. In fact we have one for outside and one for in the house so she can ride it in the kitchen on the tile. I also love it because it keeps her busy while I do my own things.

– Paige L.

My daughters favorite toy is the ball popper. It plays music and has 5 different colored balls that go up and down the slide.

– Jessica C.

My son’s favorite toy is his yellow duck. He has had it since he was born and he has always loved cuddling it and squeezing the foot to make it laugh hysterically. I love that he finds comfort in cuddling with the duck. It’s incredibly cute!

– Jason C.

My kids favorite toy right now is their play kitchen. They love making food and having tea parties and playing with their friends!

– Kara B.

My son’s favorite toy is his binky. He loves it when we shake it in front of his face so that the handle raddles as it hits the base. He will smile and laugh at this more than any other toy.

– Emily B.

I would love to win tickets to the baby expo. My sweet little boy Bradley is just three weeks old so right now his favorite toy is his binkie. I have heard there are classes at the expo on getting babies to sleep as well as other things…. boy, could I use some tips. Hope you pick me!! 🙂

– Helen P.

My son’s favorite toy to play with is his Thomas train. He loves everything about trains and gets SO excited when he sees a train on t.v. or a movie and he can play with trains for hours which is awesome because I can get my house work done without him trying to “help.”

– Ann C.

My babe’s fave toy has always been a mirror (on the wall next 2 the crib & also OVER the changing table). From as soon as my kids can see, the baby in the mirror is entertaining…it moves and has such “interesting” features. I try 2 never miss your program; I always learn something new & useful!

– Su C.

My babies favorite toy is a little squishy ball. It has holes all around it so it is easy for him to grab and it squishes so he can chew on it which is just what babies like to do:)

– Wendy C.

My little girl (6 months) LOVES the spinning rattle toy that comes with the BebePod Plus seat (similar to a bumbo seat). The toy attaches to the tray as well. I can just put her in the seat, attach the tray with the toy and she is so happy and occuppied while I get a few things done! There are 4 sections and each has a different texture that she loves to feel with her mouth. She can also play with it off the tray and hold it easily in her hands. It’s been about 2 months and this is still the top toy she loves to shake and suck on (and drool all over!) for hours every day. I still tell friends and family that this was the best purchase I ever made!!

– Shannon M.

My little boy is almost a year old and he hates baby toys. He never plays with them. He has chosen the remote control more than all of his expensive baby toys. I think it is because he sees his daddy with it. He loves whatever his daddy has.

– Kanessa A.

My babie actually loves playing with mardigras beads. They r bright, soft and have a fun texture he puts them on and off and in the seat of the car he has all day long. Best toy ever.

– Unknown

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