Pursue Your Passion

Kelly King Anderson, founder of StartupPrincess, has five tips to help you find time to pursue your passions.

1. Give Yourself Permission to Pursue Your Passions

2. Take Time to Do Action Creation
   • Carry small Idea Book with you

   • Giant Journal
   • Vision Board

3. Set Yourself Up for Success
   • Make Tangible, Realistic Goals
   • Keep “Dates” With Yourself
   • Plan Childcare or Set up Trades

   • Remember Moderation in All Things

4. Enroll a Friend or Mentor to Support and Cheer You On

5. Celebrate, Give Thanks and Inspire Others!

Kelly King Anderson is a mother of three and founder of StartupPrincess. Their next event is Image & Media Training for Women in Business. It will take place November 12-14 at Sundance, Utah. For more information and details go to www.startupprincess.com.

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