What’s New at Daybreak?

What’s New at Daybreak?

Meet the new kids on the block. Six new model homes are on display at
Daybreak in South Jordan, Utah. Smart, stylish homes designed to help save
the environment and cut down on your energy bill.

Daybreak has recently opened 6 new model homes, some of their smartest
and most energy efficient model homes yet. The science behind building a
new home has come a long way in the past few years, and the Energy Star
Certified homes being built in Daybreak today are 20% more energy efficient
than homes built even ten years ago. You can save hundreds of dollars every
month by living in a more energy efficient home.

Plus, Daybreak is unveiling a brand new transit district where you can live
within walking distance of the new Trax Station. Trains are already running,
and there are three new home collections to choose from. Studies have
shown that buying a home near transit is a smart investment.

Learn more at DaybreakUtah.com

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