Why Run?

We all know the health benefits of running. But if even that is not motivating you to lace up those sneakers, perhaps you need to consider even deeper rewards.

Tanya Boyer is an avid runner and founder of “The Pink Series,” Utah’s first and ladies-only running series. She shares stories of other women who have found, not only health, but happiness through running.

To help answer the question “why should I run?” I turn to our “Pink Ambassadors.” These are real-life women who have found health and happiness through the sport of running. Their stories are all unique, but all inspiring. And they serve as motivation for the rest of us to get moving!

Tanya Boyer is a race director and event planner for The Pink Series, Utah’s first and most fun ladies only running series. Her main job, however, is that of mommy to three young children and wife to the most patient man on earth. Visit www.thepinkseries.com to learn more about The Pink Series.

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