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What You Wish Someone Told You about Waterproof Mascara

By Mikaela Cook

Whether it’s that much anticipated pool party or a Lake Powell getaway, we’ve all been there. There you are looking in the mirror, debating. It’s a classic dilemma, really — one that we’ve all faced before: Do I or do I not brave the tube of unused waterproof mascara at the bottom of my drawer? You know the risks — put it on and it may never come off. Or alternatively, you’re stuck explaining to everyone in sight that no, you haven’t been crying and no, you didn’t forget to take your makeup off.

This predicament has plagued me for years. I’ve been through middle school water park days, sandy vacations, and hours on the lake with no resolution. But now, I’m committed to offering advice — solutions real women need.

Option #1: Cheap & Reliable

There is nothing wrong going with a reliable, recognizable brand. Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara is cheap and readily available. Women who use this brand know their eyelashes will look and remain fabulous after application. The only problem with Covergirl is it stays on well…too long. For easy removal I recommend a bottle of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Apply a little of this after a long day boating and that sturdy, waterproof mascara will melt right off.

Option #2: Beautiful Lashes That Stay All Day

For the women looking for a beautiful look that will last all day, Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara is for you. Known for its ability to create a full-fan lash look, this is the perfect option for a day by the pool. The brush creates layers of lashes without the help of an eyelash curler. In line with Covergirl, this brand is slightly difficult to get off. We recommend using the Makeup Eraser which was recently featured on Studio 5.

Option #3: Quality with a Price Tag

If you have a bit of extra cash and want to invest in a highly reviewed, smudge-free mascara, look no further than Lash Next Door Waterproof Mascara by Brooklyn and Bailey. I’ve been assured this mascara was created to last AND come off easily. A true win for every woman with a desire to look and feel great on their next summer vacation.

If you take away anything from this article, remember this: you don’t have to tackle your next pool party unprepared. Leave your next water-themed event feeling confident, beautiful, and with your lashes intact.

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