XFINITY – A Whole New Era Of Innovation

Ray Child from Comcast talks about the New Xfinity launch.

Simply put, XFINITY means more speed, more choices and an excellent experience for our customers. The XFINITY platform is the culmination of significant upgrades to Comcast’s network which include:

• 58 new HD channels – for a total of 103 HD    channels
• Increasing the number of HD choices Comcast offers    to beyond 3,000, and offering the best HD picture    quality available
• 27 new Hispanic channels
• 17,000 plus Video-On-Demand choices
• 50 Mbps High-Speed Internet downloads that are    available today, and increasing Internet download    speeds to 100 plus Mbps in the future

Our XFINITY network and product capabilities are made possible because we have made a significant transition to radically increase Internet speeds with DOCSIS 3.0 and dramatically increase HD choices. These innovations are what XFINITY is all about and have enabled us to redefine the way our customers experience video, voice and Internet service. Through XFINITY, Comcast will offer a wealth of compelling and innovative product enhancements in the future.

XFINITY is part of a new communications experience that is backed by great customer service. Our goal is to deliver outstanding products and service that our customers can always depend on. That’s why we offer the Comcast Customer Guarantee which includes:

• A 30 day money back guarantee on all of our    products and services
• Customer service available to you 24-hours-a-day,    7-days-a-week
• The best and most video choices
• Should you ever have a problem with our service,    we’ll work with you to resolve the issue the first    time, and if we don’t, we’ll offer you a    complimentary service, or a $20 dollar credit to your    account

• We will schedule appointments with you at your    convenience and arrive on-time, guaranteed, or we    will offer you a complimentary service, or a $20    dollar credit to your account.

Through XFINITY, Comcast is transforming the experience we provide our customers today, and in the future, by helping you connect to what’s important in your life with cutting-edge products – all while providing outstanding customer service.

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