Xfinity Signature Support

Xfinity Signature Support

From being able to start your car from your iPhone to taking an aerobics
class from your television, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with the
help of technology. But, as we all know, the same technology that can help
simplify our everyday lives can sometimes seem to be the most frustrating
when they go haywire. Before you toss your smartphone or pull the plug
on your TV in disgust, consider making a quick call to Xfinity Signature
Support – a service launched recently in Utah from Comcast that provides
technical support for personal electronic devices.

The program was introduced in response to customer demand for
additional choices for technical support beyond the support Comcast
already provides for video, Internet and voice services. Now, customers can
contact Comcast for troubleshooting their computers, routers, gaming
consoles, smartphones and more.

With Xfinity Signature Support, Comcast customers will have access to
knowledgeable and experienced IT specialists who can provide
supplementary technical support online, over the phone or in the home.

Xfinity Signature Support offers support via two offerings: Personal Tech
Support Services and Equipment Protection Services. Unlike many computer
repair services or support centers that require you to bring your computer
to them, Xfinity Signature Support’s Personal Tech Support offers
customers the choice of 3 convenient support options: phone, chat or in-
home visit for common issues including wireless networks, PC tune-ups,
virus removal and more. This option offers customers immediate
assistance, as many issues are able to be solved remotely. In some cases,
technicians can remotely log-in to a customer’s computer and solve the
problem. The Equipment Protection Service allows customers to protect
new and existing equipment by combining all computer and flat-panel TVs
under one plan for just pennies a day.

To read more about the program, visit

Having great video service will only take you so far; you also need world-
class customer service. The Comcast Customer guarantee is our promise
of excellent service for our customers:

· We stand behind our services. We will give you a 30-day, money-
back guarantee, on Xfinity TV, voice or high speed services.
· We value your time, and will schedule appointments at your
convenience. We will always be on time within your appointment window –
· Customer service is available to you 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-
· We will offer the best and most video choices.
· And if we need to come to your home to provide service, we will
solve routine issues in one visit – guaranteed.

For more information customers can call 1-800-Comcast, or go to

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