XSI Sports Insurance

XSI Sports Insurance

Whether you’re a die-hard athlete, a weekend warrior or have kids who play
sports, an unexpected injury can add up to unexpected expenses. Find out
how XSI Sports Insurance can help eliminate some of these costs.

If you or someone in your family broke a leg on a ski slope, there’s a good
chance that you would still have some out-of-pocket expenses, beginning
with the deductible amount that’s part of your insurance plan. Often times,
this deductible amount can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars
depending on the extent of your injury. One Utah-based insurance company
can help eliminate these expenses.

Robert Scott, founder of XSI Sports Insurance says, “XSI Sports Insurance is
supplemental insurance for everyday athletes, active children or teenagers—
basically anyone involved in sporting activities. This insurance covers you on
or off the playing field or ski slope, for any injuries requiring medical
attention. XSI Sports Insurance DOES NOT cover medical conditions like
cancer, heart ailments and the like. It is insurance for injuries only.
Basically, XSI Sports Insurance is insurance for what your normal health
insurance doesn’t cover. And, unlike regular medical insurance, XSI Sports
Insurance pays cash directly to you. You can use this cash to pay your
deductibles, or pay for things like your mortgage or rent, utilities, groceries,
car payments, or make up for lost wages if your injury takes you out of the

Scott came up with the idea for XSI Insurance based on a personal and
professional experience. He’s worked in the insurance industry since 1995,
so he knows how insurance works. A couple of years ago, he was training for
a boxing match, and broke his hand.

He says, “I found out that my major medical policy was only going to cover a
fraction of the cost to get my hand back into fighting condition. At that
point, I recognized a need for a special type of supplemental insurance that
was both affordable and effective in its coverage. XSI Sports Insurance was
born, and our company developed insurance products for everyday athletes
and active individuals of all ages and from all walks of life.”

XSI Sports Insurance has partnered with some of the largest insurance
carriers in the world to develop this unique type of insurance. It’s now
available to individuals and families living in most parts of the United States.
Plans begin for as little as $15.40 per month per individual. Plus, XSI Sports
Insurance offers family plans that, regardless of the number of children in
the family, begin at around $50 per month.

As an example of how XSI Sports Insurance works, Scott points to one of the
company’s clients, Jared, was a 23-year-old who spent every possible second
riding his bike and perfecting new tricks. Jared has a family medical plan and
XSI supplemental insurance.

While trying out a new trick, Jared lost his grip in mid-air, crash-landed on
his arm and ended up in the emergency room. After all was said and done,
he was left with a $5,000 medical bill. Luckily, his family medical plan
covered the majority of the expenses ($4,000 worth of them to be exact).
But, because Jared also had XSI Sports Insurance, he received a check for
$4,500 from XSI’s insurance provider. He used this money to pay the
remaining balance on his medical bills, and used the rest as he wanted. Scott
says, “Last we heard, he was loving the new mountain bike he bought. Not
too bad for around $25 a month.”

Scott adds, “Even if people don’t have regular health insurance, they can
benefit from XSI Sports Insurance.”

To learn more about XSI Sports Insurance, call (801)331-8503 or visit www.xsinow.com

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