Yard Sale 101

When neon posters pop up on every post and cars line the streets, you can be
sure it’s yard sale season. Studio 5 Producer Halli Tinti who has never been to
a yard sale, decided it was time to jump in on the fun. She learned there
really are some important tricks to the trade.

Start Early:

It’s hot outside and yard sales can be miserable if you don’t get an early

Plan a Route:

You can find every yard listing you want on KSL Classifieds the day before.

Carry Cash:

Most yard sales won’t accept checks unless it’s a super pricy item and they
for sure won’t accept your credit card.

Prepare to Barter:

Never pay full price on items at a yard sale. If this is hard for your, start with
just offering a dollar less than they’re asking.

Keep an Open Mind:

Remember not everything is going to be perfect. Some purchased item may
need some work, but that’s all in the fun a yard sales!

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