Your Favorite Rainy Day Activities

On rainy days my two year old little boy Aidan loves it when we make roads on the floor with painters tape. He loves to hop down the trail drive his cars and trucks but his favorite thing is to use his little vacuum. He loves driving it up and down the road. Our road keeps him busy for hours.

-Trista Cowley

On rainy days (and other days) we like to have a treasure Hunt. With a snack, treat, or other surprise at the end. This is usually set up night before, while they are entertained other ways, or even during nap.


On rainy days with little children, it is fun to spread out a clean sheet and plug in a popcorn popper. Add a half a cup and have children sit aways back from the machine. Remove the top, watch, and enjoy the warm healthy treat. After watching the popcorn pop, they can get up and dance like a popcorn popping to fun music.

-Julie Clayton Campbell

<>My kids favorite activity is a treasure hunt. The treasure could be a treat, one of their toys, it doesn’t really matter – they just like to find the clues and make their way to the end. I can use the same clues over and over again. You just switch the order and/or choose different ones. Sometimes (especially if a package comes for dad), we like to get one ready for him to do when he comes home. For young kids, you can do a picture hunt. That way if there is a picture of Elmo, they know to go look by Elmo for the next one. I used Valentine cards during the February snowy season – they made it easy to just write a clue on and it was already decorated. It’s such a fun activity and they love to do it over and over again.

-Kelli Stucki

<>Just a few ideas. One pull out the wrapping paper and trace your kids. Let them color and draw on it, make shoes, hair, dress, pants, etc. Second, crank up your favorite music and have a dance off. My sister actually made me a CD of all these fun activity songs that my daughter loves, and it keeps her busy for quite a while. I know I’m ready for good weather as-well.

-Lindsay Rosander

Our family does a spine on the movie when it rains. We turn our house into a theater with tickets, popcorn, candy, and your choice of video. We will take and hang up blankets to block the doorways and print off a movie list, of movies that would like to be watched. We will walk around our house to the front door and pay with chores buck (fake money you earn when you do your chores) to get a ticket and treats. The most tickets for a movie get to be watched first and then so on, but we do limit to two movies. And if it rains for many days we will break it up with games, and other activities. We also use the chore bucks to ex-change for real money and we will go to a store so they can use it.

-Kristen Johnson

My kids are four years apart and never want to do the same activity. To solve this problem we came up with the game jar. Everyone has to come up with one activity or game they would like to play. We write it on a piece of paper and put it in the game jar. We then roll a dice to see who will draw from the jar first. Everyone has a great time because the activities are never the same. This is our favorite rainy day or when the kids say “I’m bored” activity. Hope this helps.

-Tara Collier

If I’m home alone, I love to curl up in my ‘lazy boy’ chair, with an afgan around my shoulders, and read a good book. If I happen to nod off for a little while, so much the better. If my grandkids are over, there are so many possibilities. Cheerio and glue pictures, reading to them, playing with them, building with blocks. Just enjoy their time with me because the parents always come to pick them up to soon.

-Linda Neff

My kids are on year round school and we have been off track for the past couple weeks. Because of the cold rainy/snowy spring so far we have been all over ideas for rainy day activities. Here are a few of our favorites. Homemade pinyatas. Made with a balloon and strips of newspaper dipped in a homemade mixture of flour, water and sugar. Then painted and decorated when dry. Creativity is the limit! Another favorite is blowing bubbles! The only thing you need is a paper plate, drinking straw and a few drops of liquid dish detergent. Then gently blow. The kids loved this! I also took the kids to the dollar store let them each pick out one item that they could use for a craft then we put them all out on the table together as well as things I already had then they created there own masterpiece using popcycle sticks, pom poms, colored macaroni noodles, beads, etc. These ideas are not only easy but are very inexpensive and allow the kids to be creative and have fun together! I’ve attempted to e-mail 4 pictures, If you didn’t get them you can e-mail me and I will try again. Thanks!

-Tiffany Barney

I have a small Tee-pee that I made from PVC pipe and material. We put that up and play in the Tee-pee. As a new Grandma with 5 grand kids every time we get the kids to come over it is like a rainy day because we get to entertain them inside We also make home made play dough and they play with that for hours.

We go for walks with umbrellas. This is so fun especially if each of the little ones has his or her own umbrella.

-Christine Hale

We like to create a bakery where we are the chefs and customers. using a paper grocery bags and markers or other crafts to make aprons. I always have cake/cupcake and sugar cookie mixes on hand. These are convient and easy for kids to make. Then make you own frosting for that homemade taste. While the cookies or cupcakes cook and cool, we decorate the table with tea party dishes, confetti, streamers or handmade decorations. Now is the time to decorate the cookies with different color of frosting s and candies.

-Kim Larsen

Our family likes to have indoor snowball fights. We gather as many pair of socks as we can find and roll them together for “snowballs”. We divide into two teams, and start attacking, using couches as forts. When you are hit, you are out, unless you catch the “snowball”. If you catch the “snowball”, the person who threw it at you is out. Play continues until there is one person left standing, and their team wins. We play this over and over and it is a lot of fun, not mention warmer than the real thing!

-Jennifer C

On rainy days we bake everything we can think of then give the things we have baked to neighbor to cheer them up.

-Kendra Duncan

On a rainy day we pop popcorn and sit at the window or on the porch and count the lighting and thunder. Now my children look forward to a storm.


I like to open up the window, so I can hear the sound of the rain. I curl up in a chair with my blanket and a book. I feel that it is the best time to relax. the sound of rain is so soothing to my soul.

-Ashley Reid

I love to take my daughters, ages 5 and 2, outside! We put on our rain coats, and boots, and go outside looking for worms and splashing in the puddles!

-Michelle Rahden

We make and fly paper airplanes. We use old paper, colorful paper, whatever we have around the house. My boys learned how to make their own.

– Debra Low

I grew up in California, where we didn’t get a lot of snow during the winter, but we got a lot of Spring or Summer showers. My siblings and I used to love to go outside in the rain and jump on the trampoline. We got completely soaked, but it was so much fun!

Another thing I always used to do on rainy days was read. I still enjoy curling up with a good book by a window to listen to to rain pound on the glass. I loved books, and this was a great way for me to escape into a different world.

– Trisha Parker

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