5 Anti-Aging Tips For Every Generation

We’re all currently in the fight against aging, but there are things we can be doing at each step along the way to help us age gracefully. Here are some easy anti-aging tips for every generation.

Lisa Richards shares what we should be doing for our skin from our 20’s up through our 50’s.

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Anti-Aging Tips For Ages 20-50

  • Anti-aging tips for 50s: Use peptides to strengthen under layers of skin.
  • Anti-aging tips for 40s: Use a glycolic acid to improve skin texture
  • Anti-aging tips for 30s: Use retinol to improve skin turnover
  • Anti-aging tips for 20s: Use a moisturizer in the morning and at night.
  • Sunscreen: Use daily. At least a 30 SPF. 50+ not necessary.

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